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    Let's talk about morphs

    I would like to know the answer to this as well. So far mine seem to be at their best colour just after their 2nd shed! Marie x
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    Breeding Dubia Roaches

    Hi Tom Check out this thread viewtopic.php?f=76&t=188335 Should have everything you need to know Marie x
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    Acting strange, not eating

    Hi There is an excellent article on the right hand side of this page that you may find useful Marie x
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    First egg hatched!

    Oh no, I really feel for you. This is my first time too. But for this to keep happening, as you say, if 3 of them that died have had problems since they were born, there is not much you can do. Do you think one is bullying the others? is there anyway that you can move him out? You must feel...
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    lifeless hatchling

    I'm pleased to say that he is still holding on This is a picture of how he spends most of his time This is him trying to drink water from my palm I'm not sure what to do next. I don't want to mess with him too much and I suppose nature has to take its course. But he sure is a little...
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    First egg hatched!

    Hi It must be really difficult managing them all, as well as working full time. I am lucky because I work from home. My babies keep me on my feet nearly all day. I don't feed individually, I just keep throwing in tubes of crickets from the cricket keeper. I could never feed them one at a time...
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    lifeless hatchling

    Well, I decided to turn out the lights and wrapped him in a blanket with the other newly hatched babies, I the put another blankie on top for some extra warmth. I did not expect him to make it through the night. This morning I did not want to look as I was sure he was going to die in the...
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    Might be pairing up these 2

    Hi What beautiful dragons. I don't understand all the terms/traits, so am unable to help you. I was just wondering what a 'leatherback' is and the names of the various colours. I have a couple of quite bright yellow babies and some orange ones and a few with orange along each side of the spine...
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    lifeless hatchling

    One of my hatchlings took 2 days to emerge from his egg. While checking on him yesterday I noticed the temperature had risen to 34, I changed it back down to 30 and increased the humidity as the egg was very brittle. When I touched him he moved so I decided to leave him to it as he was only half...
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    First egg hatched!

    hi i'm not sure at all what is going wrong for you. Poor boxer. Do you need to mist them? I have read that it can cause respiratory problems. Up until just now I have had a 100% success rate with mine. The latest baby out has taken nearly 2 days to come out of the egg and I wasn't sure why. I...
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    Beardie went psycho on me

    Hi One of mine got me once, that's one heck of a strong jaw they have! Keep us posted on your journey with ??? (name) Marie x
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    Beardie went psycho on me

    Hi Just want to say a quick thanks to Justin regarding the parietal eye. I was not aware of this and you explained it really well :D A forever learning curve. Vita, I'm sorry your dragon bit your foot, but it amused me for a while thank you x Marie x
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    Baby's crazy story.

    Its been a while, how is she doing? Marie x
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    Rescued baby, please help!

    My thoughts are with you, its so hard to say goodbye Take care Marie x
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    Sudden aggressive behavior

    They can be so very frustrating, the person who can work all this out will be very wealthy & busy :D Marie x
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    Sudden aggressive behavior

    Hi Aren't they a pain when you can't work out what's wrong? I am no beardie expert but in your post you said you have a dog that nearly bit him. Might this be a cause of your problems? If it is, he may take exception when he comes across a dog smell, either on your clothes or in your room...
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    hatchling behaviour & tail nipping

    HI I was wondering what would be best. 10 babies in a 2ft viv or 5 babies in a 2ft viv. Marie x
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    Aldi are having a sale - digi thermometers 2.99, There should be one near you. I think you should not worry until you can get a correct temperature reading. When they are babies its much more important. I wondered why all my babies were in the hide an not basking, until I took another...
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    eenie meenie miney mo...which bug?!

    What about fruit beetle grubs? Just got some today and they look nice and juicy Marie x
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    Keeping your Dragon Healthy

    Your welcome :D Its such a learning curve. I managed to keep my beardie alive for 2 years with non of this knowledge. He's still going strong but now gets more knowledgeable attention. Also, as its called 'keeping your dragon healthy' what on earth is yellow fungus and where does it come...
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