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    Has anyone ever bred two het trans dragons to eachother

    Just to clear things up you will get trans babies from a het to het pairing, but the ones that aren't trans will be possible het trans so you won't know if they are het or not.
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    Just to be clear they are not true morphs they are color phases. And you will get a large range of different colored babies, some will be more red than others and some will be a orange and some will be a yellow orange. You will never truly know until the babies come out and shed for the first...
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    breeding trans?

    Well i can tell you that if you breed your two together you will only get het trans babies and no visual translucents because your German giant is not het for trans. Also hypo and trans are two different genes totally and can be breed together any way. I personally would do hypo to trans so you...
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    babies trying to breed???

    Some of them just dig holes to lay in them and sleep, some of my boys do that and they are for sure not laying eggs lol. And the guy at the pet store was right she is trying to be dominant over him. If they are waving and head bobbing that is them talking to each other. Make sure you keep an eye...
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    Male dubia nips in wings

    I buy the roach food that the roach guy sells on his website. I think it is cheaper then buying everything and taking the time to grind it all up. I do ocasionally have problems like this but it is because I have to many males in one cage and I just feed the beat up ones off.
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    Male dubia nips in wings

    I am not sure then maybe if you replace your males with new males every so often. Or see if you can throw in some different types of food. The females could be doing the damage also if the male tries to breed with a already pregnant female.
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    Male dubia nips in wings

    When you have too many males in one bin they will fight each other to be able to breed with the females. The ones that have their wings bitten off are the weaker ones. You should slim down the number of males in your bin and that will help with your problem.
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    Hatchling troubles.. sac not going away

    I don't know about the head thing but the sack should dry up and fall off in a few days. I would just put him on paper towel in a normal cage and not soak the paper towel. He will start to run around and it will dry up and fall off and then he should start to eat, but offer food when he it being...
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    genetics - what will i get?

    Well if you breed your leatherback you will "in theory" get 50% leathers and 50% normal's. The color of them is not genetic and the babies will look like a mixture of their parents colors. If you get a silkback and breed it to a normal you should "in theory" get all leathers but i guess breeders...
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    Question for Breeders

    If i remember correctly they will eat around 10 each sitting if the dubia is just smaller then between there eyes. If they are pigs they will eat more.
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    How many babies can comfotable fit in this?

    I would say around 10-15 but be careful that they don't start nibbling on each other. It doesn't matter how many in a cage if you don't feed them enough they will start to nibble on each other.
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    Breeding Red Hypo Translucent Beardie...

    Yes the little one will catch up eventually.
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    Breeding Red Hypo Translucent Beardie...

    Well all beardies are different. Some eat like pigs and grow very quickly and some are picky eaters so they don't grow as fast. Also with being a month older they will be quite larger because this is the time they grow the most. I hope this helps Also do you have them in the same cage together...
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    Question on Genetics

    I am not totally sure on this one but if i were to guess i would say it would be a 50/50 chance that it will be very large. They will more than likely be larger then a normal beardy because they do carry the german giant gene. If you want a very large male i would keep looking for pure breed...
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    Breeding Red Hypo Translucent Beardie...

    Well from the sounds of things you need to find a red or orange translucent or het translucent. But if you also get one that has hypo in it the orange and red will be that much more vibrant because hypo reduces the black. so if it were me i would find another red hypo trans or a double het hypo...
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    reptiworms and dubias

    When i first started i bought from the roach guy, he has pretty good deals and his roach chow is fairly cheap and they love it. Then as i needed them i would look on the classifieds page here and also on fauna to add a little to my colony as needed to boost it every so often. And yes i have a...
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    reptiworms and dubias

    Well with dubias they need at least 85-90 degrees all the time to produce babies and they also need higher humidity so as long as you don't live in like Florida or Alabama or Georgia you should be fine. I have been keeping them for a couple years now and i haven't had any get out. Just make sure...
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    leather back compatability???

    No problem but yes if you breed two leathers or a leather and an american smoothie both will result in silkbacks. If you just want leathers you can just breed a leather to a normal.
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    leather back compatability???

    If you breed two leatherbacks together you will get silkbacks for sure just to let you know.
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    cleaning eggs

    Yes she has been in with a male. The eggs do look good they are a nice white and like I said I can see some veins but they are very dirty.
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