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    Question on Dubias

    You can't find info? You haven't noticed how this forums is being flooded with dubia threads? It's the same thing over and over again.
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    Best noncommercial roach food?

    Is there like...a certain brand?...Or for what kind of chicken? lol. I'm thinking about going to a feed store to pick some up but have no idea what I'll be looking for besides non-medicated chicken feed. Any else use chicken feed? I've seen it being mentioned in various places.
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    red cricket????????

    Is it one of these? Those things are gnarly looking!
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    14 Foot long Beardie

    I really hope you didn't think it was real at first, lol. He should do one of the dragon eating some giant dubias or superworms....can you imagine dusting those suckers?
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    Sing to beardie

    Oh yeah...I sing to my dragon all the time!...Just...I'm not much of a singer. "Ohhh Mr. Dragoooon, you're the Dragon of my liiiiiffeeeee, cuz you're my draaaagoooon!" Yeah, goes something like that lol. I don't know what the stare I get's either "STFU!" or..."STFU!" lol.
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    Best noncommercial roach food?

    Well hook a brotha up, what is it?
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    Best noncommercial roach food?

    Thanks guys! Yeah, that all makes sense. I was just worried that they'll start eating each other or something, lol. Yeah I've thrown apples and oranges in there, but I think it's probably what Ian said about not having a large quantity of them in there. The fruits usually go bad before they...
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    Best noncommercial roach food?

    Ok, I have dubias...not that many...mostly adults and a bunch of babies too small to feed my dragon so I'm waiting for them to grow up, and I have a question about food.... Is there anything I can buy from the grocery store....or might already have at home that my dubias will go crazy for? I...
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    Petmountain has the best prices anywhere!!

    Yeah...I also dig only that sucks is that I didn't know about them before I bought all my stuff for my dragon. But now that I know about them don't even bother with petco, go straight to and order what I need....It'd be awesome if they sold feeders too...
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    Petition for petsmart and pet co!!!

    Definitely count me in on this!
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    Attempt at a colony

    You wouldn't want to feed the beetles, their shells are really hard and could possibly cause impaction.
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    Attempt at a colony

    Man, you're doing an awesome job! I'm eager to find out how long it takes for babies to grow to the 2" big size...cuz I bought 500 small supers...and they were smaller than I expected, lol.
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    Check out these roach eaters....

    Are those wild bids in Florida? I keep thinking you're at a zoo or something, lol.
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    Crickets and parasites

    What you got to watch out for is parasites with crickets on's even more rare, but it does happen! I'm just messing....ummm, I don't know of anyone who has gotten parasitic crickets before. Just buy Dubias!! They're so much better, I had bought 500 crickets before and hated everyone...
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    Attempt at a colony

    Is wheat bran in the same isle as oats in like...Wal-Mart? I don't think I've ever seen it....never really looked for it though. I'll go and look for some this weekend though.
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    Attempt at a colony

    Hey guys...are "quick-oats" ok to use? I bought myself 500 supers and I only had quick-oats, not the raw oats. Are these ok, or should I go get plain, raw oats?
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    calcium on roaches

    hahahahaha, I'll have to try the lick 'em method.
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    calcium on roaches

    That's what I do...I really don't know what negatives would come from it, if there's any.
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    r roaches betrter?

    I gotta tell me what "betrter" means.
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    use extreme caution! Evil slang!

    Ah you're saying I can't use that term to compliment the good looking girls in my class?
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