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    Laying. Eggs. Again.

    After baby-sitting a classroom beardie during holidays and summer for the past several years, we finally got her full time when her teacher "daddy" retired and his wife refused to let him bring any of his animals home (yeah, I know . . . ). Liz has been on a fairly regular laying schedule...
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    Pooping in his veggies

    Dubs has done this too, and the answer for me was to put his dish on something - a brick, a branch, something elevated 2" or so, so it wasn't handy for him to poop in it.
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    How powerful are pheremones?

    This summer I babysat a female beardie that belongs to a school. Over the course of the summer my fellas (who are on opposite sides of the room and can't even see each other) saw her briefly maybe half a dozen times. They may have seen her out of the corner of their eye as I carried her to the...
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    Thunderstorm Panic

    My fellas can predict the weather. For some reason when fronts move in and out they act completely different - sort of grumpy and feisty. They do it when it's going to rain, before heavy storms, snow, etc. I think they can feel the atmospheric pressure changes.
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    clicking sound when eating?

    Is she shedding around her face by any chance? Our Richard, who has a kidney disorder and sheds constantly, gets a clicking sound when he eats when his head/beard/jaw is getting ready to shed. Then it goes away for awhile until the next facial shed. When it started I took him to the vet; xrays...
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    Bath time bloating

    It's also possible that he's getting ready for a shed. When our two 4-year old boys are getting ready to shed their tummies, they poof up in the tub so the water gets under their skin and helps the skin shed more readily. It's a good thing the bath is shallow - when they're just learning to do...
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    Does ear color matter>

    I've noticed that the ears of my dragons are different colors. Dubs is a bright orange/gold dragon with a tan membrane inside his ears. Richard is a dusty gray (light tan when he's really happy) and the inside of his ears is black and shiny. Didn't know if that was a reflection of health...
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    Beardie Stays on Branch All Day

    My Richard does the same thing. I've got a platform covered in shelf liner that he refuses to move from, unless he has to poop. When he's really feeling rowdy he goes halfway onto a cork log, which is an expedition of about 8". He's there for 10 or 15 minutes, then he turns around and goes back...
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    little beardy outside

    I bought a reptarium that's about the size of a breeder tank, and take our fellas out (one at a time, of course) in that. It's a black mesh enclosure with a frame of plastic PVC pipe, with a zipper top. It weighs about 4 pounds and is very easy to use. I think it cost about $35 including...
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    Not sure if he might be sick?

    Maybe he got a little dehydrated, which plugged him up, and had to catch up on his liquids before he could go. I have to be really cautious that this doesn't happen to Richard, and give him 3 or 4 baths a week whether he seems to need them or not. When he gets even remotely dehydrated he droops...
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    Lighting questions

    For the basking light you can use a plain old household bulb. Don't let pet shop folks convince you that you have to have a "basking bulb". It's just for heat, which incandescent light bulbs all give off, so you can get a 60, 75 and 100 watt CLEAR bulb (no "soft white" or "reveal") and just see...
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    Help me please with my beardie

    What a beautiful girl! I have a very similar looking beardie named Dubs who is also very round. When folks on this website post a picture of a chubby beardie, it seems that very often those beardies are that yellow/gold color. This makes me wonder if that particular morph tends to gain weight...
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    Deep sleeper

    Beardies sleep like the dead - sounds don't seem to bother them but light does. When our Dubs was younger, around his bedtime we would wait until he was doing something weird, then turn the lights out. He went to sleep immediately, in whatever position he had been in. We've got him in some...
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    Beardie tricks

    Both Dubs and Richard know that if I hang a towel over the side of the tub, it's their cue to climb the towel for snuggles. Dubs has been doing it for years, and I've even used a towel to get him out of places where I can't reach him. If he's in a tight spot and won't come out, I just toss a...
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    best online place to buy super worms

    I recently bought 250 superworms at (I think they were in the vicinity of $18 including shipping) and am really happy with them. Not a single one was dead, or has died since, and I'm pretty sure I got more than 250. They're big and fat and I will definitely be ordering...
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    Richard and Dubs couldn't be more different. Dubs is quick, curious, and active. If we put him on the couch he scrambles around then eventually jumps down to explore, stopping by my foot every few minutes to check in. Richard, on the other hand, is a speed bump. He's sweet, calm, and lazy. If we...
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    Escape Artist

    Sometimes after Dubs's bath I put him in the window for some sunshine, and we have weird windows with the screens on the inside. I turned my back to fold laundry and he did this: He loves the feel of sun on his tummy. Richard, however, likes to chill either on the love seat or the blinds and...
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    why isnt my bearded dragon eating much live food

    We alternate our live feeders - superworms, Phoenix worms, and butter worms. We always have all three around the house so we feed each one maybe once a week (our two are adults so don't get critters every day). We throw in the occasional batch of crickets or wax worms for variety, but so far...
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    non stop glass dancing

    Since it's spring it could be youthful hormones. But to be safe you might check your temps with a probe thermometer. They glass dance when the viv is too hot as well.
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    cricket box question

    We have kept crickets by the thousand because of our two adult gluttons, and have tried a variety of collection situations. The one that worked best was the one described here, which you can do on a much smaller scale if you want. We've...
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