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    Spoiled Dragon

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: LOL!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I am laughing so hard!
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    I can't believe that some one would ever let this happen! :angry5: :banghead: Some people don't care about others and what they need, just themselves and what they want. I don't get how this guy does not feel guilty. It makes me sick to think that someone could do this! :puke:
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    Phoenix and Beardie enjoying there new home together. :D (Beardie on top and Phoenix on the bottom ) Phoenix is my little guy :lol:
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    Silk worms

    I read on a web site that silk worms contain enzyme serapeptase, which acts as a safe pain reliever, antiflammatory, and also cleans teeth. A good website for different types of incests/worms that are staples and treats: I hope...
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    Best Worms?

    Ya. phoenix worms are expensive considering they will eat A LOT!!!! My parents won't let me buy them for just this reason. For super worms the dragon has to be 16" or bigger (nose to tail)
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    black tip tail

    When a bearded dragon is shedding it's tail is normally lighter than it normally is. :D At least I believe so, that's what my dragon does before he sheds. :blob8: I hope this helps!
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    Please help - baby won't eat!

    I hope your baby gets better :!:
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    Lizard room

    I have been trying to let my parents turn one of the rooms in our house into a animal/reptile room for our snake, two bearded dragons and possibly for our cats and dog. :blob8: They haven't yet agreed, but I'm working on it. :D
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    Hi everyone! My name is Christa. I'm 12 years old and an animal LOVER :D I recently got a new bearded dragon, his name is Phoenix. He is living with is brother (who has had multiple names in the past 3-4 days because my little brother and sister got to name him and they can't agree on...
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