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    question about black all under chin

    i do not think dehydration would be the cause of this. Besides if he has a water bowl and regular baths once a week they won't get dehydrated. Not too sure. Perhaps you can search on google and see if you can find a similar condition to your dragon. If you are really worried about it then take...
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    Moe loves his new background....

    FAR TOO CLOSE TO THE UVB!!! Should be no closer than 6inches.
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    question about black all under chin

    try soaking him in shoulder deep warm water for 20 mins. can you post a picture at all mate?
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    Haven't bought it yet

    It is totally fine to put your dragon in a bigger tank. Just provide some hides for him. I would use a 60-75w globe for your bigger tank.
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    Basking Spot Not Hot Enough

    do not use any sort of light bulb at night. Instead use a ceramic heat emitter.
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    What do you think of these enclosures?

    it looks awesome. I would love this.
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    Haven't bought it yet

    no problem at all. :)
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    Haven't bought it yet

    If the basking area temp is correct then it doesnt matter what wattage bulb you use. But for a 10 gallon tank I think it is better to use a weaker wattage bulb and get it lower to the dragon or get the dragon closer to the bulb. This way the rest of the tank temps wont be affected too much and...
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    What to use for flooring?

    The dragons are fine with this compacted sand just press it down a bit with your hand. :)
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    Basking Spot Not Hot Enough

    ok quickly. You need a 10.0 uvb tube. A 5 is no where near strong enough for a dragon so try and replace it asap. You need your temps to be 110 on the basking spot. So i would suggest to use a 75w basking globe. Dont use any night light or red lamp at night switch everything off.
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    Haven't bought it yet

    yep everything sounds pretty good. I would suggest the following though: house your baby on paper or tile. for a 10 gallon tank i think a 100w basking lamp would be way too strong. I would use a 60w max. Basking spot should be 110 for babies. U need a uvb tube with a 10%-12% uvb ray. Reptisun...
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    What to use for flooring?

    i would use red desert sand or washed play sand. Make sure you press it down and compact it so that it is less likely to cause impaction
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    What to use for flooring?

    marine carpet or reptile carpet? tile is actually very good as it absorbs the heat better and is very easy to clean.
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    My Beardie has Black Bugs on her - what do I do?????

    give her a soak in shoulder deep warm water and a bit of betadine. I hear the mites don't like the water and the soak will definately help remove shed
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    No improvement

    dont stress. Dragons are fine to go for days without food or water. May i ask how old your dragon is What are his basking temps What you normally feed him and how much.
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    small crickets are your best bet mate.
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    do crickets make bearded dragons gain weight?

    leave him be dude. Give him a bath once every week and feed him as many crickets as he can eat within 15 minutes. Do this when he has plenty of time to digest them in his basking spot. Never feed him when he is cold.
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    How many crickets should I feed my juvenile ?

    feed him once daily. Give him fresh vegies and as many crickets as he can eat within 15 mins.
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    eye infection

    use human eyewash to give them a clean and get him to the vet
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    can someone help

    beautiful dragon. With young ones sometimes they can heal remarkably. Just pump up his basking spot to 110f feed him small crickets with calcium dust and get a good uvb tube 6-8inches from him.
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