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    ROACHES ... why am i scared??

    Hey Blue11, Where in Virginia are you located? I was looking to get rid of some of my colony because it just got too big. I did give away about 1,000 or so to someone on the forum. If my colony gets larger again, and you are local, I can give you some for your colony (when you decide to start one).
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    Dubias feed questions & a butterworm questions

    I wouldn't use dog food if I were you. It doesn't have enough protein. I use a generic bulk cat food that I get from a farm store. It is cheap and very high in protein. I always have food in there for them. If you don't, they will start to eat each other. Occasionally, I will throw in veggies or...
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    Cleaning dubia bins

    Ian has figured out a great way to do it. Here you go...
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    another dubia question

    They do love oranges! How many dubia do you have? I usually just put in one orange, sliced up, and within a couple hours it is gone. But, I have thousands of dubia. Give it some time.... I am sure they will chow down.
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    anyone have Dubia roaches for sale?

    Bwalter, Where are you located? My colony is too big now and I need to get rid of some.
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    Brady's eating again!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Monica, I would stay away from supers at this point. Your dragon is still a bit small to properly digest them. Typically, dragons need to be about 15" before you start them on supers. Dragons have a "kink" in their digestive track that can become impacted from supers. Once they grow up a...
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    Super Worm Breeding

    I know where you are coming from. I had a colony of mealworms and a colony of superworms. The superworms took much longer to breed and grow. Just be patient. You may feel like you are just looking at a bunch of substrate with nothing in it, but they are there. Just be patient. Keep doing what...
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    so any tricks?

    Okay, but don't you think if you make smaller holes in the bucket that the frass would fall through and the dubia would remain in the buckets? Just do that a couple of times and they will be clean. I do it and it works...
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    so any tricks?

    You should use the "bucket method". Ian, from The Roach Ranch has talked about this. He actually did a little video on it and it has been posted here and also on YouTube. Here is the link, Check it like a charm.
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    Keeping dubias warm

    There are several methods of keeping them warm. Some people use an under tank heater (UTH), some use heat flex tape, and still others use a human heating pad. I like the human heating pad. As far as the "smell" of the egg crates... they shouldn't smell. When did you change them last? I know for...
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    Well if I could name them they would be called.... Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!!!!
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    Where to buy Bugs??

    Welcome to the forum. You will find that there is a vast wealth of knowledge here. Could you take a little time a fill out the profile? That will allow others to see more about where you are. There are many on this forum who believe that dubia are the best feeders out there (me too)...
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    Dubias and dog/cat food

    I really don't think that you have anything to worry about. Dubia do not eat their young. More than likely, they were either hiding in the fras or hanging onto adults, etc. Do you know what your ratio of males to females is? With the amount that you have, it may be beneficial to start a...
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    gut feeding question

    Yes, that would be a great food to give your crickets.
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    How to ship dubia's during the winter?

    Sorry to hear that you are selling you entire colony. As far as the heat goes, I think it really depends on where you are shipping to. I see that you are in Alabama. If you are shipping to somewhere that is really cold, then you may want to ship with a heat pack. Otherwise, I think most would...
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    transfering Super Beetles

    I would agree with John. Place some partial egg crates in there and let them gather on them. Then just transfer the crates into the new bin. The ones that are left you will need to move by hand. When you do this, try not to disturb the substrate as this is where ALL of the eggs are.
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    Advanced Cricket Q and A

    That is really a difficult question to answer. It really all depends on how many fertile females you have and if they are ready to lay their eggs. The best thing that you can do is put in a container (about 9x13) that has about an inch of peat moss in it and leave it for a couple of days. Then...
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    Sure thing. They will love them.
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    omg CREEPY!!

    HA HA HA HA!!!!!! that's funny! There is nothing like liquid courage to help you out. I am still trying to get my wife super drunk so she will handle the adults. She can play with the little nymphs, but wants nothing to do with the adults yet.
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    omg CREEPY!!

    Oh I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I received my very first order, it took me over an hour to get them into their bin. I was freaked out and wondered what I had gotten myself into. I knew I needed to touch them, but honestly, the only way I could do it was to have a couple of drinks first...
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