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    Hammock and his behavior

    My chart says... 12 months 16 - 20 inches 12 month weight 300 - 450 grams
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    Hammock and his behavior

    What's weight & length? Then look at a chart, it will give a good indication for the age. 2month 5-9 inches 40 grams
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    Dubia roach gutloading issues

    I feed mine- baby carrots, stale (hard) honey wheat bread, collard green and roach mash that I make myself, blender mixed - oats, plain wheat cereal, guinea pig pellet or rabbit pellets.
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    Wood fill...

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    Wood fill...

    Reaching out to Cooperdragon... What type of safe filler can be used on this wood in order tom keep roaches from living within. Thanks
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    Help! Baby Beardie spooked, suddenly very skittish and stressed.

    Where did you find that beauty? She's gorgeous!!!
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    Beardie Health and Weight - Advice

    When was the last time she pooped? WOW! she's pretty chunky compared to the base of her tail.
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    I have a 7 month female doing the same thing. She comes out to eat & poop. I wouldn't worry about it. Keep track of her weight as Kerrieree stated. It's winter... Pictures taken today, didn't come out at 7am when the lights came on. But I did wake her up when I took the pics. Now 9:30am she's...
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    Got a replacement bulb from pet smart. I'll look at all the reply's and correct if necessary. Thanks to all
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    Thank, I'll try 150w $12.05 better than $20.74
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    I have tried just about every lighting company's bulbs. My last (2) were Zoo Med 100w & 150w. 150w lasted @ 6 weeks So, I cut back to 100w, bought for $20.74 on November 01, 2023. Box states "last up to 2,000 hours" My lighting is set for 12 hours per day. Therefore, 2000 divided by 12 =...
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    Dragon Vision

    Hope this helps...
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    Substrate Question

    Walmart: 18ft length... you can cut to size about (4) I've have the same one in the tank for over a year. Have to keep their nails cut if you want it to last.
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    Maybe just a sigh of relief, DAMN life is good!
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    Name change?

    If your BD respods to Hazer , keep it other change.
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    Bearded dragon health problems/not eating greens

    I've had that problem not eating veggies. I stopped the bugs and gave only fresh salad. When he got hungry, he ate. Their not going to die. Only took about 10 days. Don't let them train you! Now I feed bugs in the morning and veggies in the evening and he licks the plate clean.
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    Enclosure opinions, tips and tricks

    track for sliding glass...
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    Femoral pores

    I do a warm bath and brush very gently with a soft tooth brush, usually does the trick.
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    Zero's enclosure

    no coiled light...solid clear white. There's (2) basking lights one on each end in the event I split it tank. Not finished with the decor, can't find what I like.
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