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    Ugh! Mites?

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    Ugh! Mites?

    Wish I would have noticed this sooner. Chomper is in a fairly large enclosure and doesn't enjoy being handled, so I just noticed yesterday when he was eating that he has a brownish patch under his chin. Thought maybe it was just food at first , but on closer inspection, it looks like mites to...
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    I desire your sexy legs!

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    Exo Terra Fogger

    I would say no fogger. They are made for tropical species. It would make a bearded dragon enclosure way too humid.
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    Viv pics only thread

    I use a very firm touch and spread in all directions, starting with a good sized glob.
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    Longest time without pooping??

    Awesome! :)
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    Longest time without pooping??

    Bonnie, relocation stress can make them not quite themselves for a week or two. Once he gets used to his new home and people he may be more friendly.
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    Brand New Bearded Dragon Suddenly Stopped Eating and Walking

    Maybe part of the problem is being too cold? His (EDIT) basking area needs to be about 105-110 degrees during the day. The cool side around 80 degrees.
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    Longest time without pooping??

    Whew! Hopefully his schedule returns to normal now.
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    9 days, no basking, no poop. Belly covered in stress marks.

    Thank you! I still need to get him basking so we don't have this problem again. I'm going to try to make his basking area a little more cozy for him and take away/move his hide from the cool end. Hopefully that does the trick.
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    name of dragon: Chomper sex of dragon Male(I think) age of dragon About 10 months food preferences Most greens w/dandelion leaves at #1, mixed veggies, crickets & phoenix worms
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    Longest time without pooping??

    Will he swim in his bath? Chomper finally went, but it took a loooong belly massage, oil, and then the poop came as soon as he freaked out in the bath and started swimming really fast.
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    9 days, no basking, no poop. Belly covered in stress marks.

    We did the oil & belly massage yesterday and it took a little bit(15-20 minutes), but what got him going was he freaked out a little and started swimming really fast! Instant poop! I was so relieved. Yes, he has been hiding a lot lately and not basking. I'll rearrange today and see if that...
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    Longest time without pooping??

    Any luck yet?
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    9 days, no basking, no poop. Belly covered in stress marks.

    Ok, I've tried the mashed pumpkin and warm baths. Is prune puree safe to try? Olive oil? I think having a belly full of food and not pooping for so long is starting to really bother him. His belly broke out in stress marks yesterday and he hasn't touched his food today..Also, should I stop...
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    LG ~ The Handi-Capable Bearded Dragon

    :cry: These stories make me so sad. I find it very hard to understand why/how some people can be so cruel. At least there are people like OP with a heart and a conscience out there too. LG is just the cutest thing.
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    He finally decided to quit hiding, but still no poop.

    Well, from everything I've read, the only good explanation I can find for Chompers recent behavior is brumation, so I'm going to try to stop worrying over him. StaceysBuddy, I hope your little guy is ok too.
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    He finally decided to quit hiding, but still no poop.

    Yep. As far as I know he is set up correctly. Brandon made a couple of suggestions, which I did. We took him out for his bath a little bit ago, and boy is he crabby! I guess he's ok so far, but I hope he snaps out of this soon. I'm mainly worried about the food in his belly getting digested...
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    Stopped eating greens

    I'm not an expert at all, but as far as I know, lettuce doesn't have enough nutritional value to feed as a staple. My dragon absolutely loves dandelion leaves and they're nutritious too. You have to make sure they're free of pesticides and such though. Mustard greens, collard greens, turnip...
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