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  1. LuaBlua's Legacy Uploads

    LuaBlua's Legacy Uploads

  2. LuaBlua

    New babies!

    Adorable!! oh my word. Congratulations! :lol:
  3. LuaBlua

    Is this anything?

    Just wanted to pop in and say she's really cute whew!
  4. LuaBlua

    Meet Jupiter!

    Aw what a cutie! Never hesitate to ask questions, we can't wait to see him grow :)
  5. LuaBlua

    Update on Hendrix

    Oh that's just adorable. It's great to hear he's eating well too! My little one will never stay still :lol:
  6. LuaBlua

    Egg binding/Quack vet/I need help!

    When writing out a post, click on the "XIMG" above the text box, and add new images to the library. Then add them to the post, using the "XIMG" again
  7. LuaBlua


    Welcome to the forum! I can't wait to hear more about you and Rebecca :)
  8. LuaBlua

    Mario's Super World

    Mario is absolutely adorable. I'm slightly obsessed, he's really living the life. :lol:
  9. LuaBlua

    Dragon injured during shed??

    Well it's good to hear there's no obvious signs of anything serious, but could you possibly share a photo of his leg? Could've just come off too soon.
  10. LuaBlua

    Zero the Beardie

    Wow Zero is gorgeous! Welcome to the both of you. :lol:
  11. LuaBlua

    Taking beardies on walks?

    That sounds like a great idea! Do you have any recommendations for them? It could even possibly be a good introduction to the outside world too, preparing her for later in life if I ever take her out on a harness? I'd love to give her some sort of enrichment like that, without literally risking...
  12. LuaBlua

    Hello from Shiho!

    Yeah honestly. I could look at pictures all day and not get bored. I might just end up spamming this topic with pictures of her over time!
  13. LuaBlua

    Baby beardie bonding

    Well it's definitely comforting to hear it's not just her that doesn't naturally love coming out very early on, but within the past 2 days I think we've actually made more progress than in the past month! I've beardie proofed my room so I've let her explore a lot more, instead of completely...
  14. LuaBlua

    Our first hatchlings!

    Wow they're all adorable! Gorgeous patterns. Personally I have no idea about why they're the colours they are, I just know they can change drastically as they grow, as I'm sure you do too! :lol: Regardless, they're really pretty. Congratulations!
  15. LuaBlua

    Beardie’s new mom needs Help!

    It's great to hear you're trying to give the little guy a good environment. The Reptisun 10.0 is definitely a great choice, it's good to hear you'll try out a higher watt basking bulb, and get more accurate thermometers! It's beyond exciting getting a new pet, so I don't blame your son for...
  16. LuaBlua

    Beardie’s new mom needs Help!

    Well first of all, it's great that you're going to get rid of the coil bulb, they're never good news! Where did you get him from? Which lights do you have and which do you plan to get? I personally have and would suggest getting the Arcadia Pro 24W UVB Kit, although expensive it's definitely...
  17. LuaBlua

    FREE HUGS!!!

    I love that look. Almost as if he's up to no good
  18. LuaBlua

    FREE HUGS!!!

    That's absolutely adorable. I wish I could get a hug from him! What a personality :lol: I don't really have anything funny to share, but these are two of my favourite pictures of Shiho so far. She stands so proudly. :lol:
  19. LuaBlua

    Phoenix and the fish tank...

    Wow!! Both Phoenix and your Betta are beautiful :D It's so cute watching them watch something intently. Such an adorable dynamic :lol:
  20. LuaBlua

    Stomach tumor... GNT??

    I've just stumbled across this thread, and I just wanted to say I am so wholeheartedly sorry for your loss. I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through, just know she's in my heart and my thoughts, it sounds like she had a beautiful soul. I wish you all the best, sending you so much...
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