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  1. Goonie's Legacy Uploads

    Goonie's Legacy Uploads

  2. Goonie

    2019 Bearded Dragon Calendar images needed!!!

    Darn, I missed the deadline :(
  3. Goonie

    2018 Bearded Dragon Calendar Previews. PLEASE REVIEW!

    All of the photos pages are wonderful, especially the full pages of MoMo and Gianna :D As always, thank you so much for putting this together for us.
  4. Goonie

    2017 Bearded Dragon Calendar Previews. PLEASE REVIEW!

    :cry: :love5: (so many mixed emotions over Calendar B) Thank you so much, Alex!
  5. Goonie

    Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

    Gabriel looks great! I'm so glad that he still has the energy to run around in the mornings. What a trooper! Sorry to hear that you have osteoarthritis in your spine. Is there anything that can do or give me to take for that? Hope the cyst on your kidney turns out to be nothing of concern.
  6. Goonie

    2017 Bearded Dragon Calendar Previews. PLEASE REVIEW!

    The pages to Calendar A look amazing, as always. I can't wait to see Calendar B.
  7. Goonie

    Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

    I'm glad that you had another USB port to use and were able to upload photos again. The grandkids are so big! Are they settling in well to the different house rules? So happy to hear that Gabriel's still doing well and wants to get out. Give him a hug for me.
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    Darwin looked so cute passed out in front of his log! It's great that he still has so much energy and always wants to be on the move! I'll be praying that his ADV test comes back negative.
  10. Goonie

    Emmett, EMILIO, Emma..RIP sweet Emily

    Oh, Tonja, I am in shock and sorrow for Emmett being gone. You take whatever time you need to grieve, even if it means being away from the forum for a while. Please know that my heart is aching terribly for you.
  11. Goonie

    Pookie's Minions - Pookie's Gone ☹

    Between the hours of 12pm on Saturday and 2pm today (Sunday), Callie had sat in my lap 4 times. FOUR times! All on her own! The first time was during her brunch when I was still petting her while she stood to my left side, then she suddenly walked around, looked at my lap then up at me, and...
  12. Goonie

    Pookie's Minions - Pookie's Gone ☹

    At around 8:15pm, while I was outside with Callie, it had started to drizzle. She looked around for somewhere to hide under (she even looked at the back door), but there wasn't anywhere to go. Seeing that she didn't like to get wet by the droplets of rain, I finally asked her if she wanted to go...
  13. Goonie

    Pookie's Minions - Pookie's Gone ☹

    My relationship with Callie just went up another notch tonight! :blob8: Around 6pm'ish, I had let Zim out for potty. While I waited for him to finish, I went to clean up the mess that the birds and squirrels made, and bring the tray & bowl inside the house. Just as I picked up the tray, I...
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    Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

    Excuse me?! Tara wants to be "free"?! She should've thought about that before she got pregnant. :banghead: :silent:
  16. Goonie

    Pookie's Minions - Pookie's Gone ☹

    But that's so unlike her though! She's one who slept from end of August to middle of April, without waking up at all in between. I swear, they sure do like to keep me on my toes and keep me guessing. :roll: Thanks! If my memory serves me correctly, those are the ones I had submitted.
  17. Goonie

    Pookie's Minions - Pookie's Gone ☹

    Could it be? Could Pookie had told MoMo that she's not allowed to brumate anymore and would have to be "in charge" of the household because she'll be the oldest after he's gone? After hiding and sleeping in my bed for a week, MoMo had suddenly woken up as if it's Spring, eating, pooping, and...
  18. Goonie

    Any suggestions on finding my old self?

    Hello, Randi! Would this happen to be your old self: randisjoy I see that you had already posted an ER topic under the new username. Do you still want the former username re-activated? If so, PM me and I'll reset your password. - Gina
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    Baby bearded dragon tail problems?!

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