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    Faith331's Legacy Uploads

  2. Faith331

    Urgent questions about my beardie! Please answer!

    First thing I can say without a picture. If your "night light" produces light, it's not good for your little one. Night time heat is only needed if the ambient temperature falls below 65F or so. If buffet mix is the dried stuff you get from the pet store, then don't offer it. It's just filler...
  3. Faith331

    What do I gut load Dubia with?

    Protein causes them to create urea which is not great, and they much prefer veggies anyway
  4. Faith331

    A new issue with Ezekiel.

    RIP little Zeke, you were loved for your short life
  5. Faith331

    Baby beardie not eating

    I wanted to add that discoids can be hard for younger beardies because of their leg spikes
  6. Faith331

    Does Gus have an RI? Update:It’s Pneumonia

    He's looking very healthy!
  7. Faith331

    Dragon in Detention!!!

    Keep an eye out. Very foul smelling poops can be a sign of parasites <3
  8. Faith331

    Dragon in Detention!!!

    I've heard of some beardies not liking to poop in their habitats. Maybe yours is like that. You may want to start a habit where you bathe him and see if he'll poop in there? IDK if you've already tried that though
  9. Faith331

    The Unending Journey: Ardie and Me

    Adorable! There are people who intentionally let them become flies because they are slow enough to catch. It's good enrichment. Also, to prevent them from growing/changing into flies, you can keep them at 50-60F, in the fridge can kill them, so I don't recommend that
  10. Faith331

    Toothless says hi!

    What a cutie!! Hello!
  11. Faith331

    Stuck Shed?

    Usually adults don't like to bask that hot. Does she actually sit in the areas that are 108??
  12. Faith331

    Does Gus have an RI? Update:It’s Pneumonia

    Not from beardie knowledge, but from irl knowledge. You should always complete antibiotics.. always. You run the risk of the infection coming back, but more drug resistant. It won't hurt to have them any more than it already has (the gut flora is likely already dead), and it could potentially...
  13. Faith331

    Brownish around mouth?

    I was lucky when mine was on oral antibiotics.. he opens his mouth to show displeasure.. so I would just try until he got mad, and pop it in. Please keep us posted on how it works out
  14. Faith331

    The Unending Journey: Ardie and Me

    Mine is still learning to trust me. I don't know what he got exposed to in his previous home, but he's very nervous of the other animals, and the tv, and outside... I'm sorry your baby won't eat phoenix worms, mine chows down on them.. like a lot.. Which reminds me, it's time to order more...
  15. Faith331

    Beardy's UVB

    I recently got him to start eating squash, and I deduced that was the likely culprit between when I posted the update and now.
  16. Faith331

    Brownish around mouth?

    Did anyone give you advice on how to get her mouth open? I've seen people say you can gently grab their beard to open their mouths or use a toothpick and gently push on the middle of their mouth (at the tip) Here's to hoping she gets better. Babies temps can be as high as 110-115F btw. Adults...
  17. Faith331

    Zuko the fire boi

    Sharing some additional pics
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  19. Faith331

    Beardy's UVB

    Update: he now moves around his enclosure even more. He's also started pooping twice per day and being more hungry. However, today his stool was loose, which is a tad concerning, with the additional pooping happening. Also, 2 nights ago he had what looked like undigested food in his poop. Like...
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