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    saraho's Legacy Uploads

  2. saraho

    Sneaky little weasel!

    He was very active before opening this morning and my coworker came and got me because "Charlie's acting like a crackhead." I got him out and he wandered for almost 30 minutes before wearing himself out. I noticed he seemed to be breathing heavy, but no gasping or raspy sounds. His color is...
  3. saraho

    Sneaky little weasel!

    Charlie has been more active lately, as spring pretends to show up here in South Dakota. We have managed to go outside twice in the last month because the temperatures made it up over 70. Sadly, that never lasts around here. So yesterday after a nice superworm breakfast and bask, I took him...
  4. saraho

    My Beardie Hates Baths

    I've stopped giving Charlie baths too, unless he gets poop on himself or is constipated. Otherwise he seems perfectly fine to me, and much happier when he's not in the water. I would like to take him outside in a warm summer rain sometime, just to see what he does.
  5. saraho

    Birthday Wishes for Charlie

    I think we will get lots of pictures of worms and bugs. I am picturing a beautiful layer cake with superworms sticking out of it. :lol:
  6. saraho

    Birthday Wishes for Charlie

    Charlie will be turning 3 in June, and he is definitely the star of the library. So many patrons adore him and make a specific stop to "chat" with him while they are here to get books or movies. We wanted to celebrate his birthday but with my summer programming starting on June 2nd, I didn't...
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  8. saraho

    Izzy is weird

    Charlie likes to sit on my shoulder and open and close his mouth. I swear it makes a popping sound and I always freak out because I can't see what he's up to back there. He does it to mess with me.
  9. saraho

    beardie's can't be in sunlight??

    Charlie lives at the library so one of the best bonding opportunities we have is going outside on my afternoon break (when it's warm enough). He adores being out, and besides the exercise, it allows him to poop outside of his enclosure. He hates when he has to do that, since he's not right by...
  10. saraho

    Meet Sir Henry of Scales

    Wow! What a turn around in life for Sir Henry. I'm so glad he found such a loving mama.
  11. saraho

    Meet our new resident wild "house" skink.

    I'm so jealous! I just love reading about your day to day life with these little skinks.
  12. saraho

    What do you think?

    My beardie Charlie will be 3 in June. He's only 17 inches long (snout to tip of tail) and 440 g. He's healthy and happy but he's obviously on the small side for a grown male. I don't know about your boy, especially with his murky history, but for Charlie, this size just means he's smaller...
  13. saraho

    how to bond with bearded dragon and is over handleing bad

    I think beardie's tastes change. Charlie goes through phases where he seems to love one food in particular but then refuses it after. He's picky anyway. He's usually willing to try foods that are reds and oranges but balks at greens. Maybe your beardie has developed a color preference.
  14. saraho

    Severe impaction - what options do we have?

    I do not have a solution for your girl, but I am hoping she comes through this. It is obvious you care for her deeply. I worked in a vet clinic for awhile and learned that as long as they have 3 things: eating, sleeping and playing. If they lose 2 of the 3, their quality of life is gone and...
  15. saraho

    Aggressive bearded dragon

    If you decide to adopt her, please know it will take patience and time for you to bond with her. How scary to lose a limb!
  16. saraho

    Bearded Dragon Toys?

    I bought a clear ball that I can put worms in (I think it's really for dwarf hamsters), but I feel bad when he tries to "play" with it. He can't get to the worms or roaches and I feel like I'm messing with his hunting instinct. He needs the payoff! I'd love to find something mentally...
  17. saraho

    Is it bad that my Bearded Dragon wont eat greens daily?

    I've had to keep my picky boy on a constantly rotating menu. He doesn't like greens, the only ones he's ever eaten have been carrot greens from a friend's garden. The ones from early summer were his favorite thing ever, but the late summer ones were not to his liking. He really enjoyed red...
  18. saraho

    Why is my beardie glass surfing so much??

    Maybe she's bored. Charlie glass surfs when it's warm out and he wants to go wandering. Or when he needs to poop. Is there a safe way to let her roam for longer periods?
  19. saraho

    Edgar is a metalhead!

    This makes me want to play some music for Charlie too!
  20. saraho

    ollie’s funny behaviors

    I agree, they love to look at the world around them. I was worried when I had to move Charlie away from windows, he loves the view, but it was too cold. Now he's the star attraction at the library. He's literally front and center and has so many admirers that he never seems to want to come...
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