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    Sounds good. All of those are pretty good picks, though not exactly staple worthy. You should try out collard greens, dandelion greens, and mustard greens. You should have a look at this list for some other veggie ideas as well.
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    Buying a dimmer

    This is what I use. I think I got it for cheaper, though. It really does not matter, honestly. Pretty much any of them will work. You only really need a...
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    Hopefully everything works out with your Grandma. Its a shame that you didn't come by earlier, as there was a sale at petco and other pet stores for 1$ per gallon, so you could have done that. That being said, I tend to get most of my stuff online as pet stores tend to sell it for much higher...
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    Hello and welcome to the forums! 3 inches as in from tail to snout? That is ridiculously young to sell to someone, especially a new owner! Also, I wouldn't really trust any pet store employees advice, as they consistently give bad advice. Its nice that you got a better light, but I would get rid...
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    Not much of an appetite

    Its likely your beardie is still having some reallocation stress, which can last for about 2 weeks. Just keep offering him food. Also, you should list your tank setup as well, so we can rule that out. Stuff such as your basking light temperatures, cool side temperatures, what uvb light you are...
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    Can Female Dubias breed even if they are not fully grown?

    yeah, I mispoke there. Anyways, I looked into it in several different places, and it appears that they mate once they become adult, and that they start mating 5+ days after they become adults.
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    Can Female Dubias breed even if they are not fully grown?

    You sure they aren't fully grown? Females never have wings. I don't know about your original question for sure, but I'm pretty sure they can't.
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    giving beardies a drink

    True. Just want to make sure she is getting what she needs, as it seems like her stool is getting drier.
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    If there is a pretty decent size difference, you will almost definitely have the bigger one bullying the little one. And like Cooper said, you don't want to keep a male and female together. Don't want to have babies all the time. :lol:
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    giving beardies a drink

    I wish I could Diablo to drink like that. She's pretty stubborn for the most part. >_< Well, at least she drinks from the dish occasionally.
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    Interesting to see that! I always found the strange mutations/handicaps like that to always be interesting. Wouldn't mind to see videos about them. And may they live a long and prosperous life!
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    They said they did not already already. There are two ways I can think of: ventilation or a dehumidifier. Ventilation is only if the outside of your tank is less humid than the inside. You can accomplish this through properly placed fans and/or ventilation holes. If the outside of your tank is...
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    Big beardie and small beardie/lizard == snack

    Wait, people are actually pairing smaller dragons together? That's a terrible idea! Seen this video before, as well as a video where an adult beardie actually ate a baby beardie. Wasn't intentional, they just had no idea what they were doing.
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    My bearded dragons enclosure (youtube video link)

    Its working fine now. Looking good!
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    Basking lamp

    The pet shops tend to give bad information, so I wouldn't trust them with that. They keep them together because baby beardies can be kept together, but its best not to if you can avoid it. I think he is just using the bulb that came with it maybe? I never really used the zilla bulbs much myself...
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    Diablo's Photo Shoot

    Got a new set of pictures again! Got quite a few pictures of Diablo sleeping, cause its always cute to see her sleeping around. She seems to like rotating around where she sleeps around every week or so. :lol: Diablo sleeping with her beardie plushie. Sleeping out in the open. How does she...
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