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    Beardie lighting and setup

    I think you are just going to have to break down and order what this dragon needs, if not from amazon from some other retailer. Most pet stores just don't carry adequate lighting for beardies. T5 and T8 refer to the type of bulb being used. T8 is the older style it is a bigger around than a T5...
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    Heat set up

    Is it a wooden viv? If so I would go with a basking bulb for day and CHE for night.
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    Need help doing what's best!

    Just for future reference, I try to go with petco rather than petsmart if I am forced to go big box. Petco's guarantee includes that if your animal is ill within the first 2 weeks they pay any vet bills.
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    Bearded Dragon

    Could you go over your setup and what you are feeding and how often? It might better help us answer those questions.
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    Question about lighting

    flourescent lights are actually the best way to provide UV. Yes, you can buy UVB bulbs for them. You need to find out if they are t5 or t8 fixtures and their length (for the bulb not total fixture) to order the correct bulbs. Reptisun 10.0 and arcadia 12% are two good bulb choices.
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    <<<<I need help, possible mbd>>>>

    What kind of UVB are you using?
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    Update on Little Pascal

    I am sorry, but I think the cat vendetta is a little much. We have a cat and multiple reptiles and have absolutely ZERO problems with them in the same room. As long as the tanks are closed so the cat can't get in it isn't an issue. It is NOT irresponsible to have cats and reptiles in the same...
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    Enclosure Lighting Help

    I built a rock formation for my guy. a large piece of driftwood, or a hammock with large openings would also work.
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    UVB lighting frustration

    It is definitely not in the most effective position. It needs to be mounted on the top so it shines straight down into the cage. The clips that come with the fixture are extra secure. If you can drill into the top, they should hold. Barring that you might be able to wire it to the screen.
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    Light fixture for 22" T5 HO UVB bulb?

    this is what I am using. your very best bet is something like this with a reflector if you are hanging it, or this...
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    New beardie owner

    UVB and heat need to be on the same side of the cage, so he doesn't have to choose. If you bought an all in one kit at the pet store, the UVB you have is likely at least part of the issue. The ones they come with are garbage. The best thing to do is going to be to get a long tube style bulb...
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    Enclosure Lighting Help

    Another thing to consider is distance from the UVB. If you go with t5, I would get the reptisun 10.0 and the hood that goes with it, and place it on top of your screen. I found it to be the easiest arrangement with a screen top. If you don't already have it, I suggest getting the screen lid with...
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    In-tank UVB

    I have used the 22 inch t5 reptisun 10.0 in their hood on a 40 gallon breeder on top of the screen for the past 5 months. I have been very happy with it. My guy is doing very well, eating and growing like a weed. He is also pretty active. We just switched him over the weekend to the 4x2x2 wooden...
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    Tissue Paper?

    Paper towel would work
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    Underweight beardie

    MVB= mercury vapor bulb. It’s an all in one heat and UVB. If you are using the lighting that come with the kit it is definitely not adequate UVB. I just don’t get why they don’t set the kit up correctly from the beginning, but the uvb bulbs they put I there are not strong enough, and they don’t...
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    Underweight beardie

    What kind of UVB are you using and how long have you had it? It doesn’t look like a tube style light. It appears to me to be the coil style light that comes in the kit. Inadequate uvb can cause loss of appetite. It doesn’t look like he has the ability to get anywhere close enough to his light...
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    Baby Beardie stressed!? Help please!

    They typically don't drink. They get the moisture they need from their food. I very rarely if ever see mine drink. They darker colors are nothing to worry about. They WILL change color. Sometimes they get darker when they are trying to absorb more heat from their basking lamp, sometimes when...
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    Is is odd to get MBD with correct lighting and supplements. It could be a lighting placement issue: Is your 10.0 t8 or t5? Is it mounted in the cage or over a screen? How far is it from the basking spot?
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    Enclosure Needed

    I did a lot of looking before choosing to build. Shipping on that size is very expensive most of the time so that $500 enclosure with be more like $700 shipped. I used the tutorial liked above to build my own.
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