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    Urgent!! Bearded dragon ate plastic!

    Okay so I always have pip out in my living room and let her roam about for cuddles or to explore, I’ve never had a problem but she does tend to sneak under hard to reach places. My brothers were here this weekend and somehow I think a piece of plastic got under one of these places and she found...
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    My beardie hates me :(

    Ok so my beardie is scared of everything but I trained her to be more chilled out. She’s 8/9 months old now and the past month and a bit has turned from scared to plain aggressive. Every time I try to touch her, hold her, or even feed her she puffs up, flattens out and just loses it. I used...
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    Brumation starting for 8 months old?

    I forgot about one thing! Sometimes brumation isn’t always induced by the cold. When they live in a simulated environment Beardies kinda lose their way, my girl slept all September and was hyper right through winter! It’s hard to predict but yeah, a vet is a good call if you’re still unsure.
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    Brumation starting for 8 months old?

    My beardie went into brumation at 6 months old, it was pretty scary especially cause if it’s your first time as an owner. I was advised to keep the lights on 12 hours on and off as I usually would and to take her out once every couple days for baths and check ups but besides from that, let...
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    Chien is obsessed with his uvb bulb?!

    My girl is going through a similar thing, hormonal and just going crazy trying to get to the UV. I can’t say for certain why they do it but I think she might not be getting enough rays or the light is bothering her eyes (I have it positioned on the side). I think so long as he isn’t hurting...
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    Meet Pip :)

    Oh my gosh he’s so tiny! Adorable!
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    Meet Pip :)

    So cute!! She’s an amazing colour as well
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    Meet Pip :)

    Oh my gosh that birthday picture is amazing!!! So cute
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    Extremely stressed beardie please help!!!

    Ahahaha she loves her animal docs. Yeah I doubt it’s eggs, I sat her in it and she stood for maybe 30 seconds and jumped out then didn’t touch it after that. Maybe she’s just hyper and more active as it’s coming into spring and I’ve only really had her winter months. I’ll see what I can do about...
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    Meet Pip :)

    Hi! I’ve been on here for a while but still haven’t posted an introduction for Pip. She’s my first ever beardie and potentially the most photographed bearded dragon in existence, here are some of my photos of her from when I got her to now! I love looking at other people’s beardies and what...
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