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    Bobby McGee coming out of brumation.
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    Bobby McGee coming out of brumation!
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    Our citrus dragon Peter Frampton!
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    slandes23's Legacy Uploads

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    This is him this morning. Yes he has his own blankets. He’s done really good the last couple days. Still isn’t eating on his own but is pooping really well everyday. He’s only been outside twice this year since I live in Idaho and it’s barely starting to warm up. He’s been taking a lot of baths...
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    His UVB is a reptisun 10. I am not sure how or when he lost his tail. I will definitely look into the liquid calcium. He gets baths probably 5X a week. I don’t let him swim. He just doesn’t know how. Don’t think he was cleaned very often with previous owner. He also lays flat. When we first got...
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    Thank you so much for everything. I just hope we are giving him a good life for his remaining time. Any advise or tips help so much. I spend so much time on google but a lot of the answers I need are for healthy dragons. Ours is definitely special.
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    There was a week and a half earlier this month that he did not poop. Scared me so bad but finally got him to go and as of this week he has gone a little bit each day. Starts out with the white urate and then just a little brown. He struggles so bad that his back legs almost go up into a Y and he...
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    So I rotate between his omnivore EmerAid and his Repta-boost every morning. Then in the evening he gets about 3 ml of baby food sprinkled with his calcium. This week is the organic sweet potato apple pumpkin because he has a hard time pooping. He’s just not strong enough to push it out all the...
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    We got him 4 months ago from my fiancée’s brother who just didn’t take care of him at all. Like I said he was in a 10 gallon with one light over him. He weighed 100 grams now he’s at 155 g thanks to his syringe diet. We basically just took him and gave her brother no choice because of how bad of...
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    That’s exactly what I do everyday.
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    Yeah as you can see in the pictures I have flat rocks for him to crawl onto since he just cannot climb. So he stays on his warmer side of the tank 99% of the time.
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    I measured it after talking to you and it’s 11 inches from his flooring to the light.
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    He’s around 4 years old
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