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    Symptoms of MBD or RI?

    See my reply below you for more tank info! But yes I’m getting a new heat bulb today to bring his temp up more and I will grab some bugs too. He won’t hunt them to catch them so I will have to blend them with his slop. I’m not sure he could chew them either so I think blending them will be best...
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    Symptoms of MBD or RI?

    Yes! I’ve had 5 dragons in the past that I have rehabbed. They knew me through a friend I assume. Here’s pictures of his setup. I’m going to grab a new heat bulb today. His current basking spot is 96.2°f. And yes, it is a temp gun not the dial kind. I will take the plastic cover off his UVB...
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    Symptoms of MBD or RI?

    This little buddy was left at my door step by someone, tank and all. I immediately replaced his UVB with a Repti-sun 10.0 and bought a digital thermometer (the kind you point at the surface to take the temp). Little buddy is in a 55, I mounted his UVB on the middle brace so it is plenty close...
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