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    AngNJay's Legacy Uploads

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    Look at this beautiful beardie!

    We've been visiting him at the pet store. We really want him. Or her. It's been at the pet store for two weeks. Every time we make a cricket run, we check on him. Surprised nobody has taken him. We wish we had space for him in our home. We just got ours in October and are working on getting him...
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    Help please - yellow fungus?

    Thank you! It's amazing how much we love him already. It's almost like having a baby. We got him almost 2 months ago. Petsmart only gave us 14 days to return him. We asked if their vet could look at him for us but they claimed their vet doesn't work with exotics. Update on Nino. He is shedding...
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    Help please - yellow fungus?

    Thank you Varalidaine for all the information! I've replaced the paper towels with tiles. And I was also able to get info for a reptile vet from the pet store we got him from. It's a bit far but we will be making the trip to see what can be done. The pet store guy admitted that they have lost...
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    Help please - yellow fungus?

    Thank you both for your responses! We will look into finding a reptile vet in our area. Is yellow skin disease different from yellow fungus? I will do some research to as if I can learn more. I want to be as informed as possible. We got him from a pet store. A week or so after we got him, he...
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    Help please - yellow fungus?

    Hi, I noticed this yellowing a few weeks back but I thought maybe it was from pooping, and that it would come off after a bath. Now it looks like it spread and it's on Nino's leg. In his beard area, it looks a little yellow also (very light). Today we bought tinactin spray. I gave him a bath and...
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    First time Owner

    Hahaha love the name (and anything Rugrats related). He/she is cute. I'm a new owner also. Will be referring to my Nino as he until I know otherwise.
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    Meet our Nino & Some Questions

    Good to know thanks! We found the two pack on sale at pet smart. Will be looking online for other deals. Update on Nino: He shed a lot yesterday. Doesn't seem interested in dubias. We will keep trying to see if he'll start eating them. He seems to like the mustard greens over other veggies we...
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    Meet our Nino & Some Questions

    Thanks cooper! Yea we had the one that came with the viv for less than a month and it burned out. So we bought the two pack but would rather invest in something that's going to last.
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    Meet our Nino & Some Questions

    Hey, I don't know. The box doesn't say anything about neodymium. Can we purchase any brand halogen flood bulb? And how many watts do you recommend? We have a 20 gallon viv. Here's a picture of the bulb we're using. It's a repti basking spot lamp 100W.
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    Meet our Nino & Some Questions

    Added some pics so you can see what the setup looks like now and the temps.
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    Meet our Nino & Some Questions

    Oo thanks for letting me know about the super worms. No more of those. He's only 9 inches. The temps are between 104 and 110. The uvb is about 5-6 inches from the basking spot and it's a T8. He's been basking more. Our basking bulb burned out on Tuesday while at work so he must've been cold all...
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    Meet our Nino & Some Questions

    It's been 3 weeks since we got him now. He's still not eating as much as we read he should be. He's shedding though so I don't know if that has something to do with it. We also got the reptisun 10.0 bulb and installed the fixture. We had to rearrange his things a bit so he got super dark stress...
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    Meet our Nino & Some Questions

    Thanks. We bought the digital thermometer with the probe. Had no luck finding the reptisun 10.0 tube so will have to try ordering online. Nino is still not eating well. He won't eat the crickets that we just put in his tank. Got some waxworms too. Those worms are good at hiding and escaping...
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