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  1. SeanFred

    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    For my 2x2x72 viv I use a 48" Repti-sun 10.0 for UV and 2-75W Incandescent bulbs on a dimmer to dial in heat on the basking spot. I keep the lights on a timer and I also have a 200W CHE on a Thermostatic controller to keep the Viv's minimum temperature at 74F.
  2. SeanFred

    Glass Doors

    I have a 6x2x2 viv with tempered glass doors. I used these tracks
  3. SeanFred

    Egyptian themed viv progress

    Wow, very impressive work. I like your sand technique, thanks for sharing.
  4. SeanFred

    Jango (pic heavy)

    Very Nice !!!! Excellent photos!
  5. SeanFred

    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    Very cool, enjoy :)
  6. SeanFred

    Making viv out of furniture

    If you look through viewtopic.php?f=34&t=66704 you will see volumes of ideas.
  7. SeanFred

    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

  8. SeanFred

    my viv project

    I found that using foam board and grout not only made my viv look better (in my opinion) it also helped insulate the viv making it cheaper and easier to heat and maintain the temps. I use 2 75W incandescents dimmed down to 75% to keep my 6' viv at 95F on the hot side (105F Basking spot) and 74F...
  9. SeanFred

    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    Your welcome. Thank you for the kind words, I'm happy I could be of assistance. Pretty brutal about your sons keyboard. If you can't clean it, some of them are pretty easy and cheap to replace a keyboard on.
  10. SeanFred

    Building a viv with no experience!

    Is this going to be a gift for someone? I would go with a 40 Gal Breeder so it's portable. You say you are leaving for Basic Training in July. What's the beardies PCS status at that point? After basic your gonna have advanced training until you reach your final command in your assigned billet...
  11. SeanFred

    Made rock hide too small!

    I feel your pain :banghead: I had many of these moments building Neros viv. The next one will be awesome :blob8:
  12. SeanFred

    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    Each CHE surface temp depends on Wattage. My 250W CHE heats up to 450F when fully powered. I bought a cheap metal shop lamp that matched the approximate shape of the CHE and cannibalized it for the aluminum heat shield and modified it to fit the fixture the CHE is plugged into. Because of the...
  13. SeanFred

    Painting wood

    Patience is your greatest asset.
  14. SeanFred

    Need non toxic sealant for stone tile.

    If your worried about dust, soak it and clean it before you install it. If your worried about absorption, I would leave the tile loose so you can just pull the tile out and soak it, clean it and put it back. I don't know that I would seal it. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  15. SeanFred

    Painting wood

    I used Minwax Floor Sealer (Eurathane) and let it cure/air out for 14 days and my dragon has been living in there 9 months with no issue.
  16. SeanFred

    How big is your beardie?

    Thank you, I do adore him :)
  17. SeanFred

    How big is your beardie?

    Nero is just over a year now. He is measuring 22 inches and tipping the scales at 541g
  18. SeanFred

    Custom Desert Mario Viv.

    Very nicely done!!! Very creative, you should be proud.
  19. SeanFred

    New viv build lighting help please

    Thumbs up bjoseph :D I would just add shade for your beardie so he can get out of the "sun" too.
  20. SeanFred

    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    My understanding is that 65 is the threshold for brumation/shut down. 74 seems to be a comfortable temp, when I kept it at 70 Nero seemed to take a lot longer to get moving in the morning and just didn't seem as active during the day. I bumped it up and he became more animated in general.
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