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    Tail rot? Maybe crappy shed?

    Oh, well Im happy to hear that :) thank you
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    Tail rot? Maybe crappy shed?

    I didn't think to look under her tail, but now that I did it looks like it's just a stuck shed. I'm going to give her another bath today and use some coconut oil to help get it off.
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    Tail rot? Maybe crappy shed?

    the tail looks shiny because of the neosporin applied to it. Who's ahbd?
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    Tail rot? Maybe crappy shed?

    My bearded dragon of 6 years, Aero, has a concerning looking tail. She shed recently, but the shed wasn't the smoothest she's ever had. I've been giving her plenty of long baths recently to help with anything left over, but the tail just looks weird. I'm not sure if it's just a crappy shed, or...
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    Carbonated Water?

    Hi! I've been wanting my beardie to drink more since I feel that she might be a little dehydrated, I mist her a lot but I still don't know. Recently I put a bowl of bottled water in her inclosure but she payed no mind. About 5 minutes ago I refilled it and she ran over and drank when there was...
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    EMERGENCY Rot or not?

    I just gave her a bath, but I never scrubbed the area fearing it might hurt her. She had a minor tail injury about a year ago when she moved her tail in the way of the door to her enclosure but I doubt its broken, she exhibits no pain when touching it and it was so long ago I don't think...
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    EMERGENCY Rot or not?

    This just appeared, I really need to know if this is rot and I need to be afraid, or if this is just something that will go away. If it is rot, what should I do?
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    Not Growing!

    My UVB is a Zoo Med REPTISUN 5.0 Her favorite basking spot is around 92 Fahrenheit measured with a digital probe. The uv light is on the left and the heat lamp is on the right, so one side of her branch has a lot of UV and the other side is warmer. Hope this helped!
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    Not Growing!

    Hi! My little beardie hasn't grown for a while. She's about 10 inches and she stopped growing a little after I got her as 7 inches 1.5 years ago. I feed her dusted dubia roaches and mixed greens (Collard greens, strawberry, squash, all cut up in thin slices). I don't know what to do, she's...
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