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    Can MBD cause early signs of aging?

    Will do, thank you!
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    Can MBD cause early signs of aging?

    Thanks so much for the reply. The UVB is in the tank, it's 6 months old (I'll change it on August 1st), and yes taken with a digital probe thermometer. I'll try raising the light a bit and lowering the temp. I'll also adjust the setup so his basking spot is lower with less risk of falling. Thank...
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    Can MBD cause early signs of aging?

    Hi all, thanks for reading. My boy is ~8 years old. He had no heat or UVB on him at purchase (~1 yr old) and was diagnosed with MBD by my vet. He had a crooked back and tail and couldn't walk at all. Overall in really poor shape :( I hand fed him for almost 8 months, he had finally started...
  4. Cerko's Legacy Uploads

    Cerko's Legacy Uploads

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    Dry/flaky skin?

    Hello! Our beardie is ~1.5 years old, and he's started showing dry/flaky skin on his beard. He just shed the rest of his beard 2 weeks ago, and the problem appeared about a month ago. I'm unsure if it's scale rot, a stuck shed, or something else. I had our vet look at it and she suspected...
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    Inactive & Itchy

    Hello! Our beardie has been acting a little off lately, thought some of you might have answers as to why. He's eating and pooping regularly (aside from one watery poop this AM), but for the past week has been very inactive. He tends to stay under his UVB the entire day/night, only coming down...
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    Question about pallets

    We built a custom enclosure and sealed the entire thing (inside and out) with water-based polyacrylic to prevent any fumes from escaping and harming him. I assume you could do the same for pallets!
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    Slow but steady MBD recovery!

    Wanted to post an update as I was on this forum constantly when I first got my little guy, he was severely malnourished and as a result had MBD. He couldn't walk at all and had trouble eating. With no previous beardie experience you guys were lifesavers! Just posting to say he is doing...
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    Suddenly afraid and not cuddly

    Are you positive it's a female? We just had the same situation with our guy, overnight change in behavior from relaxed to aggressive. Turns out she was a he and is going through puberty... Might be worth re-checking gender :)
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    Bearded Dragon Hates Me?

    How old is he? My guy recently started going through 'puberty' and he is SASSY! He used to lounge around and be perfectly content, but it's like a switch went off overnight - black beard, hissing, biting... He's around 5-6 months, though,so if yours is younger I'm not sure :(
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    Helping with Moving Stress?

    Checked one more time with a flashlight and, indeed, she is a he. Not looking forward to months of grump but happy to know HE is okay :)
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    Helping with Moving Stress?

    Here's a picture of her underside. Last time the vet and myself checked gender was about a month ago, though now I think I see the hemipenal bulges... Second opinion? :?
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    Helping with Moving Stress?

    I'm not positive of gender, vet said he thought she was female but he couldn't be sure. I can post a picture of her (his?) underside if that would help? I checked myself and didn't see the two lumps to indicate she is a he, but I could be wrong. It would certainly put me at ease if it was...
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    Helping with Moving Stress?

    Bump! TLDR - Wondering how long a dragon should be stressed from moving; going on 4 days of constant black beard and aggression.
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