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  1. HerpGirl's Legacy Uploads

    HerpGirl's Legacy Uploads

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    Is this alright?

    They need a 10-20 gallon vertical tank.
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    Thinking about getting a Leo (or more)!

    Having several females is fine as long as they dont fight.
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    Sick Leopard Gecko

    Well since that post she has started to gain weight. I found that she like mealworm pupae guts (gross I know). But I just found that she was very dehydrated! I have been syringe feeding her water and she’s much better! I’ll get some pics up ASAP!
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    9 year old beardie, just lazy or something else?

    Yeah good idea! You never know with beardies!!
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    Leopard Gecko not eating.

    She looks kinda like my female. I am having to give my girl a liquid diet just to get something in her!
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    9 year old beardie, just lazy or something else?

    huh, that's weird! Beardies live 8-12 years so he's getting up there. He could just be lazy or very sick. How are his bowel movements?
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    Leopard Gecko Hurt Toes

    Yeah that happens. I rescued a Leo and she had lost 15 of 20 toes. Be sure to have a humid hide in the cage!
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    Sick Leopard Gecko

    Hello!!!!!! Long time no see!! I'm back because Gecka is still 44 grams! I've poured my heart and soul into her with no outcome. I think she's coming up on 10 years now! They normally live to 15 so she's getting up there. She has gained some chunk on her tail tho. Not much. Thoughts of...
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    Bleu's Clues (Tales of Agent B)

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    Dubias near Scottsdale, AZ

    Rainbow mealworms has them.
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    Sick Leopard Gecko

    Hey! Just an update: I have found someone who takes in sick reptiles, rehabs them (including vet trips every 3 months), and has a very particular way of giving them a great family.
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    Bye, sweet girl

    I just re-homed Samantha to a very, very nice family. I am the oldest of 7 children and my mom is going to grad school. The baby got salmonella from my turtle, but it wasn’t serious. He is fine now, but we have to sell most of my reptiles ?. I’ll miss you Sam!!!! Thank you all for supporting and...
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    Bed for a bearded dragon

    OMG! I'm sooo making this for Sam. Maybe a little bigger since Sam is 17+ inches lol!
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    Newly Rehomed Beardie Has Tail rot?

    Hi! My Samantha looks just like just like your Draco. If he does in fact have tail rot, the best solution is surgery. They don't cut off the whole tail (unless the whole tail is infected). If it goes untreated, it will spread to the rest of the body. If it spreads to the rest of the body, it can...
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    Uh... is Samatha a healthy weight?

    Thanks!! :D
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    Uh... is Samatha a healthy weight?

    That's her when she sucks it in. Normally she is wider than that. Thanks anyway! :) Just wanted to make sure my baby girl is a-okay!
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    Uh... is Samatha a healthy weight?

    That was in Jan, she is a little bigger.
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