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    Few Concerns

    I've had him in his set up for 6 days, tomorrow will be his first week. He's pooped about 3-5 times so far I've bathed him once on wednesday, and misted him the day he got home lightly, not even a full mist.
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    Few Concerns

    Hello everyone! I've been posting a decent amount lately on some questions about my beardie just simply b/c I want the healthiest possible I can. So I haven't named him/her yet just because I don't know the gender and i'm waiting a week or so to find out if he/she has any special...
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    Good sign?

    So I'm extremely happy right now. I just took my little dude(Around 2 months old) out for about 5-10 minutes and he moved around/ran a lot, ate an extra roach (he's only eaten one today because he's new to his habitat so he's getting used to it) and played with me for a few minutes and I want to...
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    My new beardie not eating I'm worrying

    So I just got my beardie on saturday 12/3/16. He at 2 small dubia roaches on saturday at like 6:30 PM and 2 dubia roaches sunday morning, and he hasn't eating yesterday in the PM or today at all. Should I be worrying or should I give it time for him to settle into his new habitat because I just...
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    It's up to you to find out if it's allowed or not.
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    My new Beardie, with some questions!

    I definitely will, it was still a small roach just a little too big.
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    Last few questions

    So I got my beardie yesterday 12/3/16 and he's been doing great so far. He/she is yet to get a name but is 1-2 maybe 2-4 weeks old. I feed him Small Dubias and he's only eaten 4 dubias total since yesterday, 2 yesterday , 2 this morning. When should I start bathing him? For his salad I have...
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    My new Beardie, with some questions!

    Ok I will post a picture as soon as I get home in a few minutes. I'm really worried now only because one of the roaches I fed him was too big. He's eaten a total of 4, 2 yesterday 2 this morning and one of them was too big. Is that a problem or is it if you are feeding them a lot that are to big.
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    My new Beardie, with some questions!

    Hey everyone I just got my new Beardie, and I guess i'll ask the easiest question first, any ideas for names? Next, My beardie sometimes has his eyes closed while basking, not all the time, sometimes, is that normal? My beardie came home yesterday 12/3/16 he ate 2 small roaches at night last...
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    Am I ready to buy my beardie? Few questions also

    Ok thanks jayce. Yea I appreciate anything help wise! Im not getting my beardie for a bit anyways, it's gonna be a christmas gift. Thanks!! :D
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    Am I ready to buy my beardie? Few questions also

    So I've been waiting for months and months and this past month has been my "set up month" meaning i've been setting up the enclosure, testing temperatures humidity levels etc. So I wanna post some pictures for you guys to check if i'm ready because I want a healthy happy beardie! After months of...
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