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  1. xp29

    Post Brumation Behavior

    I have 3 females, they get along pretty good. Ruby will seek out anyone including my boy to snuggle with. Sweet Pea seeks out Ruby to snuggle with. Snickers snuggles with whoever is close "sometimes" but there is no way I would ever house them together. As good as they get along they still...
  2. xp29

    Age of my girl?

    Regardless of her age she's lucky you found her. She is very pretty to.
  3. xp29

    Age of my girl?

    9 to 11 months was kindda what i was thinking.
  4. xp29

    One closed eye - newbie owner could do with some help!

    Is that your setup? If so the light placement is most likely the issue. It needs to be straight overhead. When they are off to the side your beardie will be staring into it constantly. It's to bright and hurts their eyes. Also the uvb really needs a reflector, your loosing a ton of uvb without...
  5. xp29

    One closed eye - newbie owner could do with some help!

    Something else you can try, look at your uvb light through your phones camera. (in video mode) I had a run off ZooMed fixtures that were no good, my girl Snickers was going bonkers and my boy Zen was keeping an eye closed all the time. I was trying to video Snickers to see if anyone knew why she...
  6. xp29

    Ruby is at it again.

    I absolutely will 🙂
  7. xp29

    Traveling in an RV for the Summer

    I agree completely, all of mine have loved cars rides once they got used to it. The biggest problem I have is they all seem to think I should hold my arm up to make a ledge for looking out the window lol.
  8. xp29

    Hammock and his behavior

    Those charts are not reliable in the least. Their size depends on genetics, food intake, supplements, basking temps and uvb. I can and have grown hatchlings to adult size in 6 months flat. (Before I knew better). Pet stores especially box stores under feed to keep them small. It's easier to...
  9. xp29

    Possible RI, how do I ensure he’s okay tonight before I take him in tomorrow?

    Keep him a little warmer than normal overnight, not hot, just a bit warmer.
  10. xp29

    One closed eye - newbie owner could do with some help!

    How are your light positioned? If the lights aren't straight over head (mounted on the wall or something) it can cause that. The light shouldn't be pointed at them from the side. Also any colored bulbs can cause it.
  11. xp29

    Ruby is at it again.

    She ate 1 silk, 1 horn, and about 10 supers this morning 🙂 dusted of course. I hope she eats her green through the day. Since the move she has been alot better about moving into her basking, and that and the uvb have pretty good overlap so hopefully she makes the most of the calcium I do get...
  12. xp29

    salad ambivalence

    I used to try to peak through the curio cabinet but usually they still caught me lol.
  13. xp29

    Male or Female Beardie

    The original post is 2 years old 😉
  14. xp29

    Ruby is at it again.

    If I can find them and IF I can get her to eat it. I've tried in the past and none of my guys would eat them. They can be stubborn lil beasties lol.
  15. xp29

    My beardie stopped eating, should i worry?

    She was asking if your uvb is a coil or long tube. The coils are not good. The Zoomed or Arcadia are the best or something equivalent. Also it best if it's mounted under the screen. The screen blocks a large amount of the uvb.
  16. xp29

    Black spots on scales. Need help identifying.

    Pretty much everyone here loves all beardies. We root and pull for every single one of the lil beasties 😁.
  17. xp29

    Ruby is at it again.

    Ruby is my best dragon for eating variety, (when she will eat) she'll eat pretty much anything. She gets dubias,supers, horns and now that they are available silks. She eats her greens a lot of days as well (again when she will eat). I'm sure your right about it being more noticeable with...
  18. xp29

    Do all dragons do this or is it just mine?

    Chomp used to set in front of her habitat and give me stink eye if I wasn't fast enough to put her back in lol.
  19. xp29

    1 year since I adopted Pete

    Wow he has recovered very nicely 👌 he is lucky you got him 😀
  20. xp29

    Ruby is at it again.

    Last year she clutched twice but it didn't seem to effect her to much. This year though I'm seeing it's hard on her. I wasn't planning on trying to pair her with Sinatra again this year, but she keeps laying. I really hope she is done for the year. Not only is it making her mbd more...
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