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    Crickets from Bonanza website?

    I was looking around for crickets in bulk, and I found some on this website called bonanza, 500 for $10 or 1000 for $12. I was wondering if anyone has every BOUGHT from there, and if so, are they food feeders? I would also like some help on caring for crickets. Thanks!
  3. J

    Haven't been on in awhile...

    Here are some pictures, I'll take more soon!
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  6. J

    Haven't been on in awhile...

    So as you can tell, I haven't been on here in, maybe over a year! Miss Buddy is doing well, and she's getting bigger still. We got a salt water pool and she likes to float around on a piece of wood that I sit her on. She also seems to enjoy swimming around (I only let her in the pool if I'm in...
  7. J

    Bug Bombing

    We are planning on bombing our house pretty soon. We are getting mosquitoes and gnats pretty bad. Since the beardies cages aren't too heavy, I'm planning on moving them out to our little workshop in then morning. It has electricity and air conditioning, so they should be ok. I won't bring them...
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    OK, thanks!
  9. J


    Sweetie/Lola was sitting in her vivarium. I was watching Miss Buddy run around the room and I suddenly saw a mosquito. I tried to kill it but it flew away. I think it somehow got into Lola's viv because she jumped down from her basking spot and ate something. For all I know it couldve been a...
  10. J

    Beardie doesn't act like a Beardie, and I'm worried...

    Hi! I just wanted to say I have the same pooping situation with one of my beardies, She is also VERY lazy. I'm starting to get concerned...
  11. J

    She loves the window sill!

    The baby wasn't very interested, but Miss Buddy is so lazy she loves it up there. I'm kind of worried about her. She is SO lazy. Sweetie likes to sleep all of the time, unless she is up on her hammock. But Miss Buddy either sits on top of her tunnel or on her basking spot. I think she is just...
  12. J

    She loves the window sill!

    Hi! I've got a couple of picture to show of Miss Buddy. She'll sit there for hours if I let her. I tried to put Sweetie up there but she tried to make a run for it. :lol: Anyway, thanks!
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  15. J

    Got a new Baby

    Hello everyone! I haven't been on here in a LONG time, and I apologize. :oops: Yeah. So, about a week ago, I got another baby! She is so small, she is using Miss Buddy's old viv. Her and Miss Buddy are sharing a UVB but they each have their own basking bulb. The sides of the babies cage are...
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  17. J

    Is something going on or is this normal?

    Haven't posted in a while :) In my last post, I thought Miss Buddy was brumating. It turns out she wasn't. The behavior went away for a while, then she has started acting like that again. The behavior is where she'll lay in one place for about a week and won't really move. Right now, she's...
  18. J

    Lamp fire

    Exactly what happened to me! My cat knocked the lanp down and I came in and it was smoking! I quickly picked up the lamp and sprayed I down with the spray bottle I keep beside Ms Buddy's cage. I now have a big black spot beside my bed! Lol! Your beardie should be alright though!
  19. J

    School times

    I added another bulb and she is reacting very good! She seems back to normal! She at about 15 crickets and about 15is super worms. Tomorrow I'll try to give her a bath and see if she poops. I guess I just was out of it for a couple of days. I'm happy to see a happy little beardie once again!
  20. J

    School times

    OK, so I'll need to get vitamin supplements and up up the temps? And yes, the reptisun is in her tank. We got supers and crix yesterday. She loved them! I'll feed her again before I leave for school. She is now basking. I'll add anothe basking light and see how she reacts. Thank you for the advice!
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