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    Sudden Aggression & Odd Behavior

    Serrapeptase is a great anti-inflammatory if you can get your hands on some. @Drache613 sells it on her online store for a very reasonable price. Or, you can offer some silkworms which naturally produce serrapeptase. It would definitely help ease his discomfort.
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    Red lips?

    If it doesn't wipe off with a cloth then it's definitely an abrasion of some sort. That's what it looks like to me. You can try and treat it with a diluted betadine solution with a qtip twice a day. Also, applying Manuka honey everyday would help to heal it. If not, a vet visit would be in order.
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    Sudden Aggression & Odd Behavior

    Sudden aggression usually means some sort of pain or discomfort - unless it's behavioral. I'm assuming with his age, it's most likely some sort of discomfort. Have you had his stool tested for parasites? Sometimes when they have parasites they can become quite uncomfortable and this can cause...
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    HELP. I came home to this.

    Has he been tested for parasites? My guy was passing blood and it ended up being parasites. After treatment he was fine
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    What is the dragon being prescribed metronidazole for? Yes, a probiotic would be a good idea in that case. I use Bene Bac bird and reptile gel and I give a couple pea - sized amounts each day while on meds and a few days after. It should be given before the meds and before they eat. So...
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