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    Is she going into brumation? It’s June in NC.

    Haha that’s ok. I actually haven’t had time to come back. Hijacking is fine in my book. Gotta get that knowledge when the opportunity arises.
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    Is she going into brumation? It’s June in NC.

    Wow! That makes me feel so much better to hear someone else say this. I have seen your post and comments and respect you as a fellow helper/Beardie slave. Lol you seem to have done your research as any responsible and pationate animal keeper should do. It comforts you to hear others have similar...
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    Is she going into brumation? It’s June in NC.

    Ok, so last week I went on vacation, but two days before, my one year old (this past May) female started laying under her warm hide and only coming out a lil for extra UV. I thought nothing of it because hey, they do wierd crap that freaks us out all the time right? I mean it’s been a year so...
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    Posting pics?

    Having trouble posting pics. Can someone tell me how again?
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    Is he fat?

    I remember when mine was this size. You always worry about the weight because it’s so hard to get off. He looks very healthy to me. He’s still growing to.
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    Lighting with Arcadia 34” bulb. Different fixture?

    That Is exactly what I was worried about with the SunBlaster.The website really made it sound good but I was worried as to whether not it would work but now that I’m seeing all of you guy’s replies up here I’m thinking that that’s the way I’m going to go.
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    Lighting with Arcadia 34” bulb. Different fixture?

    Thanx a lot. The sites and their product prices are a big help!???
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    Lighting with Arcadia 34” bulb. Different fixture?

    Thanx for all of the responses. I’m not worried about building proper gragiants. I’m pretty good at setting things like that up and I’m the kinda person who likes things perfect and a particular way. I had actually come across the sun blaster fixtures and thought that it would work. In fact I...
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    Lighting with Arcadia 34” bulb. Different fixture?

    Had a quick question. I am currently making a 4’x2’x2’ enclosure and through my research 34” T5 UVB/UVA bulb would be perfect for my needs as well as my pocket. However, I wanted to get this bulb with the fixture for $89.99 at lightyourreptiles. As you all know, building a custom enclosure with...
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    How much do YOU feed your sub-adult beardie?

    However not new to reptiles or even lizards I was definitely new to bearded dragons in the beginning as well. I was just like you, paranoid over every little thing. But I just did copious amounts of research and reading along with advice from other experts and bearded dragon enthusiasts (many...
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