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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    Listen guys, I know that most people set up with a UVB tube and heat lamp, but my MVB emits plenty of UVB emissions. Don’t believe me? Look at the chart and the brand that I use. I have the distance set up properly as well, and it keeps her basking area at 106 degrees which is perfect for her...
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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    Hi ! I actually have a mercury bulb which is both a heating source and UVB source. I know this is not the typical set up, but my doctor has seen it various times and has okayed it as well, as she has great bone health! I can promise you it is not due a bone disease or a lack of calcium...
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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    Thank you! I’ll try to stop the pellets , and I’m still going to take her to the vet as soon as possible . Though, I will say the pellets -brand and all- were recommended by her vet since she’s a picky veggie eater. I just wanted to say that as I often see people saying to not feed pellets to...
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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    Here’s her enclosure, I’m actually in the process of upgrading her space. She’s in a 30 gal, but as I just moved I’ve already ordered a 60 gal reptile condo. But she’s been content in her space for over a year and a half now, and had no problems with anything enclosed wise- other than she’s...
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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    Hi Brandon! She has eaten some red Flunkers pellets, but that’s her normal supplement as she hates to eat her veggies with calcium. She’s a stubborn girl lol. But over the last 2 years she has never pooped red before. She had a fecal test about a year ago, and had pinworms but was treated...
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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    I use a reptile fabric for substrate. Nothing that would cause impaction. Her vet is closed until 9AM and unfortunately it happened around 10 PM . I would have rushed her to the vet if I could but there are no exotic ER’s near where I live. I posted here once I had no where else to go to. She’s...
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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    Thank you Karrie! She already has a vet, but unfortunately they don’t open until 9AM.
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    Please help....VERY bloody beardie poop!

    Hi! I’m absolutely scared to death. I have a 3 year old female bearded dragon, who just started pooping blood tonight, and a lot of it. She had a runny bowel movement yesterday but I didn’t think anything of it due to her being a little bit constipated the last few weeks. She’s not a frequent...
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