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    KendraA's Legacy Uploads

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    Beardies and travel -- should I get one?

    That's a great idea! I will check out that carrier. I found a friend who can board a beardie while I'm on extended trips, so I think it's do-able!
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    Beardies and travel -- should I get one?

    Thanks! I would love to travel with it if I'm going by car. I'm occasionally on the road for up to a month, so I guess I'd need to find a place where it could go and stay. But it's good to know that others make it work.
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    Beardies and travel -- should I get one?

    Hi all, I'm considering getting a bearded dragon, but I'm worried about travel. I had a bearded dragon in the past and he was extremely social and free range in my house whenever I was home (which was a lot, because I work from home). When I was out of town, my roommate could let him out and...
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    To rehome or not to rehome

    Unfortunately due to the crazy air travel laws forbidding reptiles I wouldn't be able to take him with me. I'd also worry that lots of travel would be stressful for him. I do have friends who can come over and check on him every other day or so while I'm gone. I'm worried that his health might...
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    To rehome or not to rehome

    I'm in the Twin Cities, Minnesota
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    To rehome or not to rehome

    Hi all, I've been active on this site in the past and have learned so much from the good folks here. I have a beardie who I adore, but due to major changes to my circumstances, I might have to look for a new home for him. Before I make any decisions, I'm checking in here for advice since this...
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    What to do with extra dubia?

    Dragonses, it would be so fun to get another beardie! But I think Wallace would be jealous as he currently has free run of the house and is used to constant attention. Cooperdragon, I never thought of seeing if a vet would be able to use them. If I could trade them for medical care that would be...
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    Beardie health insurance-- it exists!

    Hi everyone, this is a PSA rather than a question. I wanted to let this community know what I wish I'd known a few months ago. Since mid-May, I've spent $400 at the vet for my beardie Wallace on run-of-the-mill problems (weight loss due to loss of appetite, a scraped wrist that wasn't healing)...
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    Cut on wrist--vet visit necessary?

    Yep, I was worried about his appetite since he is already a finicky eater. Luckily he has been pigging out on hornworms all week so he's a little plumper than usual. I wasn't expecting the oral antibiotics to be necessary but recently the cut did start to ooze a little bit overnight. Hard to say...
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    Cut on wrist--vet visit necessary?

    Here's an update on Wallace's cut wrist. Took him to the vet this morning after some more waffling--thought the cut looked better, then it looked worse. The vet said, "it's not terrible," but was glad I'd brought him in. $200 later, I received a four-day supply of oral pain...
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    Cut on wrist--vet visit necessary?

    I made an appointment for him for Monday. My husband first noticed it last Monday and if it hasn't started to heal on its own by now, it probably needs some help. Hopefully they'll be able to give him some stitches or temporarily immobilize the wrist. At least it doesn't seem to be hurting him...
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    Dalia's wonderful adventures!!!

    It looks like she had a great time! I'm thinking of taking mine up north, to Grand Marais, in a couple of weeks too. He loves going outside and riding in the car but this will be his first major adventure. He also tries to eat rocks when at the park--I wonder why they do that!
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    Cut on wrist--vet visit necessary?

    Here is a much better photo:
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    UVB - Mesh or No Mesh?

    In my understanding, mesh blocks out about 30% of the beneficial UVB. Here is a website with some useful info: Also here is a yahoo group where people measure and discuss UVB; in their "Files" tab they have charts measuring the strength of different lights at different...
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    When is puffing his beard not normal?

    Hopefully some more experienced folks will chime in, but I have seen mine doing this in the morning quite often. Sometimes he inflates himself entirely with air, including his beard, while basking right after his lights come on. Seems like a kind of stretching, and does not seem to be a problem...
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    Cut on wrist--vet visit necessary?

    The cut developed while I was traveling for several weeks (and not around to let him roam all day) because of all the glass dancing he must have done while my spouse was at work. Since returning from my trip, I've been changing his gauze twice daily--he sits still pretty well for that. So, the...
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    Cut on wrist--vet visit necessary?

    Now that I've returned home from traveling, I can better describe this small injury. It seems that he's abraded the scales of his wrist by glass dancing, and there is a cut right on the wrist joint. It's deep enough that it goes through the skin/scales and I can see his pink tissue. I've been...
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