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    Inside of throat

    Okay so this may be a really stupid question, but every little thing worries me so I wanna make sure this isn’t a cause for concern. My beardie was on his basking rock, gaping after eating. I noticed inside his throat there is black lines. They’re small, thin black lines and what isn’t black...
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    Hello! I have not yet bought any calcium to dust my crickets with. I feed the crickets flukers orange cubes but i’m not sure that this product has enough (or any at all) calcium. What calcium do you recommend I buy? Also, should I switch my cricket food? I’ve read some reviews saying it’s not...
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    Help setting up my UVB hood

    Hello! My reptisun T5 HO terrarium hood came in today. It includes a 5.0 UVB hood. (I have a 20 gallon terrarium bc he is a juvenile and I plan to upgrade)The problem is that I have no idea how to set it up. My basking rock is 5 1/2 inches away from the hood, and in order to keep the temps at...
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    Feeding advice

    I feed my juvenile bearded dragon live crickets 2x daily, he usually eats about 10-15 both times. I also give him some lettuce in a bowl and sometimes a few pieces out of my hands. Today I gave him cut up pieces of a grape but i've also read fruits shouldn’t be fed daily. I’ve now been reading...
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    Too hot?

    I decided to get a 100 watt basking bulb for my 20 gallon tank because the 75 watt was only getting up to about 90 degrees. My beardie is a juvenile so i’ve read the recommended is between 105-110. I placed my thermometer probe directly on the middle of the basking spot & it’s reading 118 so i’m...
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    Enclosure help and advice

    I plan on going to the pet store tomorrow to get things I need for my bearded dragon, so I want some input before I just go and spend more money. I have a lot of questions, so sorry in advance lmao i just want the best for my beardie. 1st: The terrarium kit that I bought recommended I also buy...
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    Boy or girl?

    Does it look like my bearded dragon is a boy or girl? or is it too young to tell? I’m not sure how old “he” is bc i got him from petsmart. (i’ve been calling it a he despite not knowing lol)
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    Yellow in poop?

    I’m not sure if this is a cause for concern, but since this is the first time his poop has looked like this i’m going to ask anyways. There is some slight yellow in the urate of my bearded dragons poop. What could be causing this? I attached a picture
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    Advice on lighting

    When I bought my bearded dragon a few days ago, I got a 20 gallon terrarium kit. (He’s a juvenile. Im going to upgrade when he gets bigger.) But I now realize I should’ve just bought the tank & lighting separately. The basking light that came with it is only 75 watts, so I plan on buying a 100...
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    Possible tail rot?

    Hi. I got a bearded dragon two days ago from petsmart and once I got him home I realized the end of his tail looks a bit different. By this I mean that it looks like the skin has one or two small “creases” (this is the best way I know to explain it.)It’s very small portion of the tail and right...
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