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  1. Gail

    Sneaking in vitamins

    Any tips on how to sneak vitamin powder into Sam? He hates the taste and knows what it looks like on his food and won't eat it. He is fine with calcium. I was sneaking vitamins on a whole dandelion leaf, just one side so when I'd hold it for him, he couldn't see the powder. That stopped working...
  2. Gail

    Sam's photo dump

    A place for all of Grendel Sam's pictures. When I got him just a week ago Todays, already putting on weight and getting chubby
  3. Gail

    Old member, new dragon

    Hello, its been a long time since I've been here. Never though I'd have another dragon, gave away my big wooden enclosure and all accessories over two years ago. I k8nda had this guy dropped in my lap when the owner no longer could keep him. It was a mad dash to buy a proper tank, get lighting...
  4. Gail

    What are these clips for?

    Bought a reptihabitat for a beardie I'm getting and for the life of me, I can't figure these clips out. They fall through when I put them into the slots.
  5. Gail

    Reducing glass dancing

    My little rescue is getting stronger and doing a lot of running around. Issue is she is starting to glass dance a lot the last week or so, to the point she isn't basking enough. I switched her cage around some, moved the uvb and furniture to the end she is dancing at, also covered the end of...
  6. Gail

    Hello old friends

    Hello everyone. I didn't expect to ever find myself back here. Its been some time since I had a dragon, I even gave away all my supplies including a custom wooden enclosure. Of course life has a way of throwing you a curve ball every once in awhile. A few days ago I spotted a free dragon add on...
  7. Gail

    Where to buy banana roaches?

    Anyone know who is selling green banana roaches in the US? Every place I check is sold out.
  8. Gail

    Dovah is not pleased

    Dovah (AKA fred until a better name is found) has been a bit cranky lately. This is how I found her yesterday morning. Didn't think she would ever explode. This morning under her brand new reptisun after I just tricked her into trying some of her new vitamin powder. Not pleased with me at...
  9. Gail

    I'm back

    Didn't think I would ever come back, didn't have any plans on every getting another dragon but you know how that goes. Seen this little gal at the local pet store and after playing with her a bit, I went home and cleared out the empty viv that I had potted plants in lol. This is day three, she...
  10. Gail

    glass dancing driving me insane

    My dragons glass dancing has gotten so severe its driving the whole family nuts, even the dogs have noticed his behavior. For the last 6 months or so, all he does for 6+ hours a day is glass dance. He beats his head on the doors and makes little squeaky/scratchy sounds with his nails. It is...
  11. Gail

    Ash the grumpy

    Tia switched genders on me and has been renamed Ash, he is starting puberty and has been a bit grumpy lately. hanging out by the pond this is what I get when he runs across the yard and I give chase so I tossed him in the flowers
  12. Gail

    Gender change and puberty?

    I got my baby when he/she was 7" long, at the pet store I was pretty sure I got a male but over the coming weeks, he/she looked more like a girl. Today, I had another look and now it seems she is indeed a male but I'd like some more opinions. I've never had a male develop this late, usually you...
  13. Gail

    Terrifying lesson learned

    I had Tia out by the pond for a little sun and lunch in a clover patch. I walked not 10 feet away to pick three leaves off a better clover patch, turned around and she gone. I wasn't too worried at first, she's never panicked and ran before. I figured she jumped up on the pond edge, she likes...
  14. Gail

    Bee pollen?

    My dragon really like bee pollen, is it ok to feed her a few grains daily? I've been feeding 4-5 and she is 8.5" long.
  15. Gail

    Cheap silkworm eggs?

    Does anyone know a place that sells silkworm eggs that doesn't charge a arm & a leg for shipping? I just want around 100 or so and there is no need for them to be shipped cold.
  16. Gail

    Tiamat 3 week growth

    It been about three weeks since I bought tiamat, she has put on over 15 grams and grown 1.25 inches.
  17. Gail

    Addicted to clover

    I've been taking my baby outside almost everyday and she has developed quite a taste for white clover leaves. There is a lot of clover in my yard and she will eat some every time we go outside. The beautiful dragon site says feed occasionally but it doesn't say why. It seems have good protein...
  18. Gail

    More pics of the new baby

    Had a little photo shoot with the new baby, still in need of a name.
  19. Gail

    Need some brainstorming help

    I have a large wooden viv with screen covered vents that run vertical the height of the cage. My little girl loves to climb up them but the last two days, she is using the vents to get on top of the UVB fixture. This would be ok except she is spending too much time up there and I need to...
  20. Gail

    Afraid of cars

    I took my new little beardie outside for the first time today. Normally I wouldn't take a baby outside unless it was in a tub but this little guy is extremely curious and unafraid of most things. We hung out by the pond and he did really well, walked around on the bricks, had a nibble of thyme...
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