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    LED UVB lighting

    Right now I am using a T5 HO 39 W 34" Reptisun 10.0 UVB tube light. Both of my sons can see it flicker; but, I can't. Even if I stare at it for several minutes, I do not see it flicker. If it is flickering, does that mean it needs to be replaced? I was watching Dav Kaufman's Reptile...
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    Here's a picture of Pac-man

    I still prefer Paki. That's what I call him; but, others still call him Pac-man. It's okay. I'm the one who feeds him and cleans his habitat. Just a reminder, I brought Paki home on June 10; so we've had him over 2 months. While I did not measure him back then, I guessed that his length was...
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    Is there a way to attach photos?

    I can write a comment, like this one; but, how do I share a photo? Can I drag and drop it into the comment window? My son and I finished making Paki's new enclosure. It turned out okay; but, if we were to do it again, there's things I would do differently. For now, it will work. I brought...
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    Feeding Pak-man

    Paki/Pak-man/Pakman is about 6 or 7 months old. I've had him for 6 weeks. Ever since I got him, I've been taking him back to PetSense to visit Kayla. It's because of her, I believe, that he is so tame and does not mind being held. Chances are, maybe, he would have gotten that way anyway just...
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    web site with the best information for feeding vegetables

    I've been giving Paki leaf lettuce. At the pet store, I think they were giving him iceberg lettuce. At least, it was a much lighter green. He likes the leaf lettuce and will usually eat all that I give him. I have done web searches to find out what else I can try. One site says raddichio...
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    Do I need a water additive?

    For just over 2 weeks, I've been changing Paki's water once a day. I've been using tap water. But, the city water comes from the reservoir and the underground aquifers. The water isn't too bad to cook with or to bathe in. I even brush my teeth with the tap water. My sons used to drink...
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    Bearded Dragon Longevity

    When I got my bearded dragon, I was told that in the wild they can live around 15 years; but, in captivity, the bearded dragon's have a shorter lifespan, usually 5 years at most. I would like to know from those who have had bearded dragons longer than I have, what is your personal experience?
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    Newbies Guide What to Buy

    I've been clicking through links on that page and many of them lead right to the home page for this site. Some products do link to external pages; but, when the link to a tube shows one length, I click on the link for the corresponding reflector, it takes me to an entirely different length as...
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    First of all, I am not used to forums; so, it's possible I might post a message in a place where it shouldn't be. The first post I made is in a place that is identified as Enclosures. This is my second post and since I am introducing my Bearded Dragon, I figured this is the place to do it...
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    building a habitat

    I just got my bearded dragon this past Thursday. The kit that the store manager sold me is kind of small. He said that it was a 20 long. I'm not so sure. It is 20 inches long; but, surely it is not a 20 gallon long. It seems to be more the size of a 10 gallon tank. I'm considering building...
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