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    Hognose questions

    So... I'm not really sure whether anyone is gonna reply or not BUT. I'm currently saving up for a Hognose. I don't really have a spare tank as my bearded dragon is occupying it. So I have to buy one. I know that hognose snakes should have a 20 gallon tank but, I was wondering if you can but a...
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    Hi. It's been a while since I've been online around here. My bearded dragon isn't eating for a couple of days and I'm starting to get a little worried. He isn't shedding or anything. He just doesn't wanna eat and I'm not so sure why.
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    Are bearded dragons ment to be pampered?
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    Can I sunbathe my bearded dragon everyday? I don't really have a good UVB bulb for my bearded dragon as the place I live don't sell the tube ones. All they sell are the coil ones. Can someone give me advice on sunbathing because I just sunbathe whenever its his bath time or I just put him in a...
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    Hiding under??

    Hi. I got my bearded dragon about a month ago. It's fed well. Staple diet are dubia roaches. I dust them with calcium and multivitamins. My bearded dragon started to hide under the substrate(paper towel)for some reason. Can anyone know the cause? The temperature are about 100-110.
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    I know that you don't have time dust BSFL with calcium. How about Multivitamins? D3? How do our dragons get enough D3? How long can BSFL last?
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    Spot cleaning your tanks

    People have been using diluted bleach/diluted vinegar to disinfect their tanks. May I know how do ya'll clean your tanks. Do I have to let the tank dey in the sun even though I use diluted vinegar and I wipe the whole tank dry?
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    Which greens should I mix?

    I have my bearded dragon for almost a month now, and I've been choosing which veggies should I mix for my baby bearded dragon (6-6.5 inch). He does enjoy collards but not everytime. I've never seen it(gender not determined) eat his butternut squash before. Should I mix collards, butternut...
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    Baby beardie harness

    How do you use a shoelace as a harness? I've came across people saying that they use shoelaces. I don't know how do they make it or they just use it on their baby bearded dragon.
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    Sudden stress marks

    I got my baby bearded dragon for almost three weeks now. I feed baby dubias as a staple diet. So one day I decided to buy some treat. Mealworms!!!(I'm not gonna feed mealworms all the time, around 3 months once) I brought it home, decided to take some out for the baby beardie. The mealworm was...
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    Tank and humidity problems

    Should I change my tank to the Exo Terra "large, low" terrarium? The tank I'm currently using is an ordinary fish tank(60x39x50cm). It was a HUGE mistake as the humidity was super hard to control. I planned on using the fish tank because the bearded dragon I have is a baby and I don't want it...
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