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    Swollen, watery, crusty eyes

    I’ve recently brought my beardie (he’s 2 years old) to the vet for the same symptoms (swollen, watery eyes) and just when the treatment was done, it came back (he, for some reason, also started having less energy and his appetite decreased significantly). The vet said I just needed to do some...
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    Is this mouth rot?

    He has some yellow spots inside his mouth (which you can see in the pictures). I’ve also noticed some of his teeth were somehow deteriorated or too small... I’m not sure. And one was actually missing. You can also appreciate at the tip of his mouth his cups are covered in some crusty mucous...
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    Mouth rot?

    My bearded dragon has two red lines that run parallel across the roof of the mouth. When things are symmetrical or parallel they are usually normal, but is this an exception? The down part of his mouth is pink, a light pink. The roof tho, is a mix of grey and light yellow. So you know on the...
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    Is this possible?

    In dec. 2018 my beardie has been lazier & lethargic. In december the temperatures dropped down about 1-3 degrees Celsius. In January they dropped down more, about 3-6 degrees Celsius, 2x more than the last month, but the temperatures inside the room had been quite the same as normal. Since then...
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    How long does a 125w Solar glo last for?

    When would it be ideal to replace it? I have one since dec. 2018
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    Fishy smell

    My bearded dragon has been smelling like fish when I bathe him or when he drinks from quite a while now. It’s only when I pour water on him. His activity levels have been going down with his appetite, and he hasn’t pooped for 2 days, but he still eats. His activity has only been going down in...
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    Is this bulb ok?

    I have been using only 1 bulb, the 125w solar glo. It is supposed to also have UVB, and I’m just asking if it really has UVB & heat.
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    I have 2 questions

    So this isn’t much of a deal but I just wanna make sure everything’s ok. Is it normal for my beardie to sometimes fall asleep while basking? I don’t exactly know if he’s sleeping or not, as he’s shedding the scales around his eyes, so they stay closed most of the time. On the morning he seems...
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    Beardies and the stink eye

    This is Caco over here giving me that cute little stinky eye He really thinks he’s intimidating
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    How long do you think my dragon will live?

    -Male bearded dragon. -He is about 1 year old, if not then at least 9 months. -He has mbd, but his calcium levels are now much better. Has wrists deformed, jaw barely deformed. -Eats mostly insects, he prefers Dubia roaches & crickets than dandelion or any veggies. -Length: 40cm (15 inches)...
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    It also came with yellow urine
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    Bearded dragon cant see food!! READ ME

    I have recently made some changes in my bearded dragons enclosure. I have changed the substrate & lighting. The lighting is now a 125watt solar glo. Since those changes were made, he has suffered a loss of appetite & stress. The problem is, when I put food in front of his face/eyes, he doesnt...
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    Beardie keeps eyes closed all the time!!

    My beardie is 9 months old, and I have recently changed his tank substrate & bulbs. Im witnessing a strange behaviour, which I think is a serious one. The uvb bulb is an exo Terra 125 watt solar glo. Since I changed the bulb to this one, he keeps the eye which is facing to the light closed. I...
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    Does my beardie look dehydrated?

    (I know he has mbd, he’s under treatment) Pd: I have recently been doing some changes in my beardies tank (I have changed the substrate & lighting) is it normal that due to these changes, he’s eating less? (He’s active & energetic)
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    Does my bearded dragon look dehydrated?

    (I know he had mbd, he’s under treatment)
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    Strange behaviour!!

    My beardie is 9/10 months old and has a calcium deficiency (don’t worry, he’s under treatment). He used to have rocks in his tank, however I have recently changed them to excavator sand (basically sand which you mix with water and when it dries it isn’t loose). I don’t know why, but he isn’t...
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    Staying in the cool side!?

    My bearded dragon is staying in the cool side most of the day since yesterday or so. The thing is he isn’t sleepong, he isn’t in the hide, he is outside in the cool side, not baskill at all. It’s like if he was sleeping outside in the cool zone with his eyes open. I don’t think it is brumation...
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    MBD and brumation!! Please help!!!!!

    My bearded dragon is almost a year old. He has mbd, although he is under treatment and is improving a lot. A week ago or so the temperatures fell, now it’s much cooler. I really think he is going onto brumation; he eats less, he poops less, he is less active, still thirsty tho. Today I carefully...
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    Alright. My beardie is almost 1 year old. I got him with MBD, but is under treatment (and he has improved a LOT!). Now, yesterday I ran out of crickets. 2 days is go I fed him 1 small super worm. Everything was okay. Yesterday I fed him 2 small superworms, 1 in the morning and 1 in the...
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    I need help.And quickly!

    My bearded dragon, which is almost a year old, has mbd (he’s under treatment). Now, I suspect he is going to brumate, as right now the temperatures are much cooler (tho the terrarium’s temperature is the same). In the morning he is out for a couple of hours, but the rest of the day he is...
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