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    Dragon not eating

    Ours behaved similarly when she was getting ready to brumate.
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    Is she just exhibiting more adult behavior?

    Ok. I hadn't thought of that due to her age. And she is still awake most of the day in her tank, just not as active or enthusiastic about food as she was. She would chase her bugs before, and now either ignores them or waits until they come to where she can reach from wherever she's sitting.
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    Is she just exhibiting more adult behavior?

    Our 9ish month old girl, Nala, has had a pretty big change in eating/behavior that started about a month or so ago. I have a feeling that nothing is actually wrong, kind of looking for some reassurance. Temps and lightning are all set, from previous threads here. ;) We used to praise her for...
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    A bearded dragon from Santa Claus: CandyCane passed away :(

    Interestingly, this is exactly how our 9ish month old girl has started being. I'm going to post in my own thread because that's what I came here to do, but thought I'd mention it here in case it may be some pretty typical female age thing.
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    Free range? I want to try with ours but I read all those scary tales. Course you are much much more experienced than I.
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    Throwing food like a toddler having a tantrum

    ? You could always create one and start selling it on Etsy.
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    So which is it? (Dubia gestation)

    We have our first batch of nymphs! ? Trying to figure out which batch of females they came from and one place (wikipedia) says gestation is 28 days, but dubia roach depot (who has tons of info on roaches on their site, interesting read if you are so inclined) says 65 days. ?
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    No scientific reference site to confirm this, but my husband is a horticulturalist and has told me that eggplant is in the nightshade family, which he steers away from for our animals. However, when I just tried to research it myself, I found sites debunking the "myths that surround nightshade...
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    Volcano Gets Cranky During Shed

    When I saw the pic I immediately assumed it was a scratch...but a bite, yikes! Good thing he got himself an experienced human and not some newbie.
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    What causes eating changes?

    She will still eat her bugs, but not as many, and definitely not as enthusiastically. And just refuses to touch any and all greens or now even veggies like her favorite colored bell peppers and squash. It's such a big change from how she was. She just seems...well, if I were to put a ham...
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    Baby Beardie Not Eating Well

    You can put your bsfl in a cooler with a cold pack to keep them from pupating. :) We get ours to last a month or more that way.
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    New source for insects

    Karrie, are silkworms something XYZ reptiles only carries periodically? Every time I have gone to their site, all I see for bugs is isopods. I am on mobile though, so it may just be I'm not looking in the right place.
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    are these ok for calming / bonding with my baby beardie ?

    I think that is pretty common in babies. My daughter wanted to name ours Mango but then went with Nala.
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    are these ok for calming / bonding with my baby beardie ?

    I am very impressed by the amount of thought you put into your plan. Your dragon is lucky to have you. Have fun!
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    What causes eating changes?

    This might belong in health, hard to know sometimes... And apologies in advance for the novel. ? Our 8 month old female is currently offered bsfl and dubia roaches for daily breakfast and dinner, with salad in between. She has been a good salad eater for months now. And once she found her...
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    Feeder Costs - Not Comprehensive, Just Interesting

    It is interesting! I've always done comparison shopping myself, so why not on bugs! Uh, where are those .40 silkworms, is that if you do eggs? Every time I've tried looking at them they're crazy expensive, like .80-1.00 each. ? Also, I found roaches for just have to buy a rather lot...
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    Fixture for Arcadia T5 HO

    Ack, that's the one I just got about a month ago. :/
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    As Fate Would Have it

    Welcome Volcano! Good to be known at your local reptile shop it seems. He has that nice bright orange on his head!
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    Little Dude Spencer

    Aww, it was just a few months ago that ours was that little but it seems so long ago! Enjoy it!
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