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    Best way to deal with high UVB?

    So I just got a solarmeter and currently my reptisun T5 HO is in a reflector about 12 inches from the basking shelf I have and for the most part the UVB in the tank is fine except directly under the UVB tube the solarmeter is reading up to like 13 which I know anything above 8 is probably not...
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    first time brumination

    So I'm just paranoid but my 1.5 year old beardie lately has been acting lethargic, basically he doesn't run around and act crazy like he used to and he mostly just lazes around under his basking spot all day and falls asleep early. Weird thing is though that he still really wants to eat his bugs...
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    Parasite Prevention for Immunosuppressed Dragon?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for parasite prevention, like are there any feeders that are better than others that have lower parasites? Or are there any supplements that can help with parasite prevention? My beardie had ADV and he's totally helathy besides the fact he just...
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    Input on tank lighting

    So I've been searching for ways to make my terrarium brighter since it always seems to be too dark and I was wondering if anyone had tried this LED/UVB hood combo? T5 ReptiSun® LED UVB Terrarium Hood | Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. Like it seems like a good way to make the tank a lot brighter but...
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    How intense to go on the coccidia cleaning

    So I'm baking cage decor and using ammonia to clean my beardies tank to kill the coccidia, but I was wondering about my room. I let him run around the floor and on my bed and I guess theoretically he could have coccidia on him so do I need to steam clean my floor/bed as well?
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    silkworms and diarrhea

    So I would love to use silkworms as a staple sometimes because they are pretty healthy, however, every time I feed them to my beardie they give him diarrhea. How do people who use silkworms as a staple keep them from having diarrhea?
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    Beardie not interested in food

    So my 11 mo old beardie has been treated for salmonella with ceftaz injections. And he’s been off it for a week or so now and his poops are more solid but now he’s acting totally wild/running around and not eating. He’s about 19 inches and 375g and his weight has stayed fairly stable. I have to...
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    How to cool off enclosure?!

    We're having a heat wave in Mass right now and since it normally doesn't get that hot up here my house doesn't have AC. My viv is way to hot, I have just one 50 watt basking lamp on right now so the hot spot is a good 100 deg but the rest of the tank is still 95 deg and I can't figure out how to...
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    Vet doesn't want to treat pinworms

    My 7 mo old had coccidia in his fecal two weeks ago, I treated with ponazuril and luckily the coccidia are gone on his current fecal. He got better for a few days and started eating again, but now he's back to being lethargic and not eating. So I did another fecal and it came back with high...
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    How long until coccidia improvement?

    My 7 mo old has coccidia and I just finished his last dose of ponazuril a few days ago, I've been steam cleaning daily. I've also been giving him acidophilz to help as well. He is still trying to go to bed half way through the day which is unusual as he's normally a very active little guy. He...
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    coccidia cleaning

    My 7 mo old is getting treated for coccidia right now and I've been steam cleaning the cage daily and whenever he poops I try to remove it as soon as possible. My question is, sometimes he doesn't poop before I go to work and I don't remove the poop for a few hours, will this make coccidia...
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    scratching cage side, is UVB ok distance?

    Hi, my 7 mo old has been scratching the sides lately and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't because of a lighting issue. I attached a pic of the viv but his reptisun 10.0 T5 HO bulb is in a reflector and is about 11 inches from the basking spot. Hot side is 105F and cool side is 88F.
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    How many dubias to feed?

    My 6 mo old beardie loves dubias and hates black soldier fly larvae. I know the rule of thumb for feeding them is letting them eat as much as they want for 10 min but he eats about 60 1/2 inch dubias in like 3 min so I haven't been letting him eat the whole 10 min because that seems like too...
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    Getting used to plexiglass?

    On one side of my enclosure is plexiglass, and my 6 mo old beardie keeps running into the plexiglass so I don't think he understands what it is. I have the side covered with a towel now- that seems to help, but any suggestions for getting him used to plexiglass?
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    keeping 1/4 in dubia roaches

    I have 1/4 inch dubias to feed my 4 mo old beardie and I haven't been having good luck keeping them alive. I don't want to grow/breed them just store them for a few weeks while I feed them. I have them in a box with egg crates at room temp and I provide a dubia diet with ground oats/wheat and a...
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    too much UVB?

    I have a reptisun 10.0 HO bulb in a reflector in my 4x2x2 tank and it's about 12 inches over the basking spot (inside the tank.) I attached a picture for reference, just wondering if it's too close since it is a high output bulb and if I should move it somehow. Thanks!
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    Supplement dusting question

    Hello- I'm getting a juvenile beardie soon and I'll be feeding a mix of dubia roaches and black soldier fly larvae. I know I don't need to dust the BSFL with calcium but what about the roaches? Should I dust half of the roaches I feed? And for the multivitamin I'd still do 4-5x a week. Thanks!
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    heating a 4x2x2

    I'm having trouble getting my basking spot in my 4x2x2 hot enough. I'm currently using a 100w bulb in a dome sitting on top of the cage and it's only getting the basking spot up to 85F. Would it be better to get another dome and try two 75W lights or go for a 150W light in one dome? I don't...
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    Newbie Questions

    Hello! I’m working on getting my first beardie and as I’ve been doing my research and I had a couple of questions I wanted to see if anyone had advice on: - Do you have to use a water conditioner for bath water/drinking water for beardies? - Are dimming thermostats for basking lights to make...
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