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    Not pooping as much?

    I’m pretty sure my 1 year old beardie is semi bruminating right now he’s lazier than usual just basking in one spot all day and falling asleep earlier. He’s still eating his bugs but is not big on his salad. He’s been having some trouble with undigested poops and having fewer poops. He used to...
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    Need help identifying fecal

    so I did a fecal float on my beardies stool since I treated him for coccidia about a month ago and he's still having some red/hard urates although the rest of his poop is well formed. I attached the image of a few small circular things I saw under the microscope, not sure if they are coccidia or...
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    Help with adenovirus management

    My beardie is 1 year old, he's 19.5 inches and around 400 grams. I've had issues with him since I got him with coccidia and salmonella. Unfortunately I got him tested for ADV and he came back positive despite the fact I got him from a good breeder. Anyone who has had beardies with ADV have any...
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    Keeping dubia from getting moldy

    Hello- So I don't keep a dubia colony or anything, I just have a bin with egg cartons I keep them in when I order a few hundred at a time. I feed them left over salad greens since my beardie is not the best about eating salad. They get moldy in like two days, I keep having to clean the box out...
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    What is normal activity level?

    So I have an 11 mo old beardie who more recently seems to be a lot more chill than I'm used to. Like as a juvenile he would run around the viv a bunch but now a days he has no interest in leaving his viv and he just lays in the basking spot nearly all day. He still eats and poops normally. He...
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    General questions

    Hi I just have a few quick questions I was hoping to get some advice on 1. My beardie is about to turn 1 and I know they don't stop fully growing until 1.5 so I'm assuming I should continue feeding him feeders 2x a day dusted with Ca 5x/week and multivitamin 2x/week until he's 1.5? Just want to...
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    Quick lighting question

    During the daytime I've been using a t5 HO reptisun 12 in from the basking spot and a 75watt zoo med basking bulb. I'm having to dim the 75 watt basking bulb a lot to get the right temps so I'm worried the tank isn't bright enough. I've never tried just using a regular household bulb/flood light...
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    What's normal juvenile behavior?

    Hi- So I have a 9 month old beardie and I just wanted to check and see if his behavior is normal. Some days he runs around a bit and is a little crazy and then other days he just lays in his basking spot all day and goes to sleep early. Is this usual behavior for a juvenile? Just trying to...
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    Runny poop after panacur

    My 9 mo old beardie had pinworms and was treated with panacur. He's still having diarrhea two weeks later, is this just do to the panacur still? Should I give it more time before rechecking a fecal? Viv info: 4x2x2, reptisun 10.0 HO T5 in the viv 12 in from basking spot, hot spot 103 cold spot 85
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