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  1. zebrasmiles

    Lethargic Beardie??

    Alright where to begin. I am not sure what the deal is, I can't tell if it is bad timing or something else. We have moved Charmander into a new tank Sunday, at first it was cool, he ran around and explored, then just laid in the sun/bulb. We had trouble with the heat at first, but figured it all...
  2. zebrasmiles

    Acting Agressive

    I've had my beardie for a couple of months now and I'm not sure on the exact age but he is still young, just a small guy. After a week of getting use to the tank and everything he was fine with me picking him up and holding him and didn't seem to be bothered by much. Recently on morning a couple...
  3. zebrasmiles

    Baby Beardie not eating?

    First off I'm a first time owner and have only had our bd for 3 days. I might just be overreacting but I'm just nervous because he's a baby. I got this small bd from the pet store Sunday evening, they said he had already ate that day. I didn't buy any crickets because atm I was being...
  4. zebrasmiles

    Dragon Newbie here :)

    Hi everyone! My names Justine, and my boyfriend decided he wanted to buy a bearded dragon, so because I don't know a whole lot about them I decided to join this site. I have learned so much already from here! This is our little cutie: I think he/she is a girl, I tried looking the way I saw...
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