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  1. Charlie_Walter

    My beardie isn't laying eggs.

    My bearded dragon, Charlie (4 years and presumed to be female), isn't laying eggs. We were told that the other dragons she was brought with were all females. It has been 4 years and she has never laid an egg from what I've seen. Could she be a male dragon? Do female beardies lay eggs only around...
  2. Charlie_Walter

    Is it true that beardies can grow to the size of their tanks?

    I've had my beardie, Charlie (female), for 4 years now. My parents keep telling me that she'll keep growing into her new cage if we get one. Is this true even though she is full-grown?
  3. Charlie_Walter

    Tank size?

    My dragon is an adult beardie (4 years or so) and her enclosure is currently a 20-30 gallon tank. Will this suffice? I've heard that you need a bigger tank but I've also heard that you can keep them in a 20 gallon. I'm so confused.
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