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    Possible burn??

    I just noticed a discolored spot on my bearded dragon. I’m thinking it’s a burn. A couple days ago the weather was much warmer then expected and when I got home her basking spot was at 106 . I cooled her tank down to her normal 100. She was not in her basking spot but on the ground on the cool...
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    Entamoeba and metronidazole help

    Hello My beardie Prue had a loss of appetite and was hanging out on the cool side for a couple weeks so I took a fecal sample in and it turns out she has an entamoeba. The vet gave her metronidazole 50mg/ml , 0.6ml every other day for 10 doses. She doesn’t seem much better. She eats very few...
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    Newbie uvb lighting question help please

    Hello I got a 1 year old bearded dragon with the set up from a friend who could no longer care for her properly. There is a zoomed tube fixture with reflector and a brand new reptisun 10 t8 bulb. Should this be mounted inside the tank or on top of the metal screen pictured below? if it does...
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    Side effects of ponzuril??dragon acting very off,need help

    I got my dragon a little over a month ago from a friend who could no longer care for her. Took her for a check up and turns out she was filled with pin worms and coccida. After a round of Albon and fenbenzadole the pinworms are in check but coccidia was not so the vet ordered ponzuril. Since...
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