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    Bearded dragon storing food?

    This has been an issue for a while and sometimes she gets the food down right away and sometimes it takes a day. But her neck is huge right now and she keeps closing her eyes. I’m not sure what to do. 150watt bulb T5 uvb basking temp ranges from 105-110. Humidity is 20-40% but it varies because...
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    I cannot tell if she is stargazing or if I’m being paranoid. The basking side is the perfect temp and she was basking everyday but the last few days she’s been going to the cool side of the tank.
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    Calcium, calcium d3 and vitamins

    I have a three month old beardie and there is so much take about when to give calcium, calcium d3 and vitamins. How much should I be giving of each?
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    Baby beardie neck hard after eating

    My bearded dragon is three months old, I got her about two weeks ago and everything has been going well. However, she threw up twice recently right after eating her greens. Now I noticed two days ago her neck was hard and bigger than usual (after she ate) late that night her neck was back to her...
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