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    Beardies and frillies

    Hey I'm somewhat curious if anyone out there might have some insight or knowledge on whether bearded dragons can communicate with frilled dragons. I have three of each. The female beardie seems to get along with the frills but not the other beardies and vice-versa. At any rate they all appear to...
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    Brumating? Or sick?

    How do you know if your beardie is brumating? Or is he ill? I've heard they will also hide if they feel sick.
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    Perseus will only poop outdoors

    We have a year old beardie which we adopted about three months ago after we lost Atlas. This guy used to poop in his enclosure but throughout the summer we would take him outside to soak up the natural sun rays aand he started to use the bathroom on the grass and seems to have taken to the...
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    Frillies bobbing head?

    Does anybody in the FND community know or have you seen a frillie bob his head similar to the beardies? Also while flapping his frill slightly? We have three frillies. A 2yr old (Simi), an 18mo old(Akri) and a 13mo old(Tulu). Simi and Akri lived in the same enclosure for too long and we finally...
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    any frilled dragon owners?

    I've posted some concerns about my Simi on the frilled dragon section but have no response. Is it because there isn't much known?
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    My beardie Atlas' eye

    Atlas has clear drainage from his left eye. It does look kinda different from the right but there is no obvious sign of injury or discolored. We have mats not loose substrate. Can anyone help me out here? We have just spent around $500 on healthcare for our field dragon Simi who seems to be...
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    My baby Simi

    I took Simi into the vet a week before his yearly check up because he wasn't eating, and he had started coughing or sneezing or gagging but he did vomit. His blood work shown his white cell count was high. We came home with antibiotics and have been syringe feeding him for 10 days now and today...
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    My rescue beardie Atlas

    We have reached out on this site on a couple of different posts about a beardie that we took over and really believe that we rescued him. Of course we had great info from everybody here which I believe has brought Atlas to a healthier state. My question right now is about femoral plugs. Does...
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    Is my beardie too hot?

    I posted a new intro earlier this week. Since then our new kid (Atlas) has been found lounging in his water bowl a couple of days?? Is he thirsty or hot?
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    I'm kinda new...I have 3 frillies and 2 beardies

    My husband has been on before with questions about our FD's which has proven very helpful from everyone here. I have recently brought a new baby beardie home (Hermes) and we have recently taken in an older beardie (Atlas). Atlas I'm told is about 2yrs. We took him in because a friend said that a...
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