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    Need a Bearded Dragon Hide

    I'm looking for a hide for my ADULT bearded dragon. I was searching for hides online but they are all too small. I am looking for about 2 hides, natural looking like a log, cave, or rock to go with the tank. If you know any good hides I can use for an adult beardie please share them.
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    Possible Respitory Infection?

    So or the past 2/3 weeks I have seen my beardie do abnormal things. First, he would be alright and be in his tank, then he just opens his mouth wide, and then he puffs up his beard as big as it can go, then he jerks his body up a bit. Also sometimes (not always) when he does that, his beard...
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    Possible Brumation?

    My bearded dragon 'Hercules' is currently nine months old. About a week after I got him on Dec. 3, which was starting to get cold/heading into winter, he started getting lazy/lethargic, and taking naps all afternoon. I was concerned at first, but It was probably relocation stress and I nudged it...
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    Bearded Dragon Flipped Out For No Reason

    Ok, so my bearded dragon was normally basking as usual, and it was getting cool in my room, so I got up and turned off my fan. It started slowing down. Then, my beardie looked up and started vigorously looking left and right repeatedly, and out of nowhere, he jumped up and started flipping out...
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    Can BSFL/Phoneix Worms Be Feed As a Long Term Staple?

    I know that BSFL/Phoenix Worms can be used as a staple, but I heard they can't be a long term staple such as dubia roaches because of calcium overdose in beardies. I'm planning on getting BFSL for my 9 month. If the above is true, could I have BSFL feed asa long term staple with my dubia...
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    [Advice Needed] New Feeeding Schedule and Feeders?

    Thank you for this info too, it's really going to help me out with him.
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    [Advice Needed] New Feeeding Schedule and Feeders?

    Hello. I currently have a 9 month old male beardie named Hercules, he's 16.2 inches and is very active and adventurous. I want to change change his feeding schedule since I heard that he should be eating every single day 2x a day bugs and fresh greens every day. I currently feed him 4-5 super...
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    Lethargic? [CONCERNED]

    Thanks so much for the lighting help. I'll order him the 10.0 ASAP, and put it right next to his Basking Bulb and put it in the tank. I'm probably 100% sure I'm not going to get the 3rd bulb because I am not that old and I still live under my mothers rules, and most of the things I do are OK'd...
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    Lethargic? [CONCERNED]

    That's his tank setup. The cool side is horrible, the rock was my previous dragon's, and it is too thin for my current one, which is why it's getting a drastic change with at least 2-3 hides.He uses the hammock a lot, he lives it. He mostly stays on the hot side, but he'll sleep on the cool side...
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    Lethargic? [CONCERNED]

    I mean, I'll try to get him the 10.0, but I still find the Being active and then suddenly running off and sleeping weird.
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    Lethargic? [CONCERNED]

    Well, this is kind of a daily occurance. I have a 9 month old male Bearded Dragon named 'Hercules'. I got him on Dec 3, which is a month now. He does this thing everyday: I'll let him roam around my bed, and he's up and at 'em for about 15-30 minutes, then he crawls off my bed, and roams around...
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    Brumation or Stress?

    Thank you for your opinion. It just that he showed lots of symptoms of brumation. When he gets insects, I leave 4-5 superworms in a small dish for him to eat when he wakes up. (At 8:30 AM). When I come home from school I see if he ate his supers (which he does all the time) he'll eat about 5-6...
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    Brumation or Stress?

    Hello. I'm back again. I recently got a new bearded dragon who is 8 months old, male, very healthy. He's also a rescue. We named him 'Hercules' because he's big. I've had him for about 5 days now, and he loves being pet and LOVES exploring and adventuring. I've started noticing that the onky...
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    Rest In Peace, Draco.

    Thank you all for your condolences. Honestly, I do feel like it was my fault. I'm just hoping he's eating whatever he wants and basking in the sun up in heaven. I won't make the same mistake again. He was such a good beardie. He was a but shy, but he would always be curious and loved to cuddle...
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    Rest In Peace, Draco.

    I'm sorry. After all that great advice and information I gathered from this website, my 6 month old beardie died of overfeeding/impaction. What happened was, I ran out of Dubia's for my beardie, so I ordered some online. They looked the same size that I usually got from the place I got it from...
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