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  7. Wanhedamous

    Silly photo

    Don’t worry we gave her the food off her head ♥️
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  10. Wanhedamous

    Wero/Witblits breeding

    It seems the big named breeders will only breed zero, witblits and weros het to het as of date. If this gives you indication of the route to take.
  11. Wanhedamous

    Wero/Witblits breeding

    I could try to find some of it for you, I started looking into this specific morph months ago so it’s just various sites, research over time, articles and breeders/people who have claimed to worked with the breed for a while. This site has some helpful information as well as google and following...
  12. Wanhedamous

    Wero/Witblits breeding

    Since weros are visuals of zeros and witblits it would not be safe to breed another witblits to a visual wero. It is also not safe (as of 2017) to breed het wero to visual witblits or zeros. The only safe was is het to het. Like I stated above I am not sure if this has changed yet.
  13. Wanhedamous

    Wero/Witblits breeding

    Sorry for the late reply, upon my extensive research over time I have found it is not safe to breed visual wits or zeros to other visuals. Same as trans. I am currently trying to find information regarding het witblit or het zero to visuals. But I am getting a lot of mixed answers on that too...
  14. Wanhedamous

    Help, identification

    yes definitely much respect for the honesty. He also offered me a discount on a future zero. Honesty does go far with me. I understand she was young and they can change or look different as babies. She was going through she’d I believe when I got her which is why she appeared darker but now that...
  15. Wanhedamous

    Help, identification

    I appreciate that. she is a beauty and growing like a champ. I agree, I think they are all gorgeous.
  16. Wanhedamous

    Help, identification

    I confirmed with the breeder, I found his number and he texted me back. He apologized and agreed she is looking like a high colored witblits. He did apologize and offer a discount on a zero but I’m getting close to my max at the moment so had to pass for now.
  17. Wanhedamous

    Help, identification

    Hello guys. Two months ago I bought a 3/4 week old male zero. Well he seems to be a she. Also seems to have some color making me rethink if she is a zero. I’ll upload some photos from then to now. I got him at an expo so getting in contact with the breeder to confirm is hard. I’d like some...
  18. Wanhedamous

    Genetics & Zero Genetics

    I apperciate the information everyone! Thanks! Does anyone know how the first Zero came to be? Just a mixture of alot of genes? Kinda like how the Paradox seems to work. I have seen some people state that the paradox started with a mixture of genes, like hypo, trans, dunner, etc. causing the...
  19. Wanhedamous

    Genetics & Zero Genetics

    Hello everyone! (I think this was the best to place to post this) I have been trying to find detailed information of the Zero morph / genetics and how they were originated. Where would be the best place to find this information? I am wanting to find further information aside from the basic...
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