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    How long should young dragons sleep?

    I've always kept my beardie on a 12/12 light/dark schedule since he was a baby and he's been fine. If your beardie is acting fine there shouldn't be any need to change the sleeping schedule, usually they'll wake up when a light source is bright enough.
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    Need Serious Help

    Also, make sure to keep your two beardies away from each other, they're solitary animals and that can lead to fights and possibly death if one beardie is way bigger than the other.
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    Brumation Question

    Hey y'all, Lewis is around 9 months now, but lately he's been sleeping A LOT and only waking up to do nothing and look around. I gave him water two days ago, but then he goes back into his cave to sleep, even when the heat lamp is on. It's getting colder now here, so could he be brumating? He's...
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    Dubia roaches for BD

    How old is she? 18 inches and 515 is a pretty large beardie, and it's important to know the age because of the salad/bug ratio as they get older. She can easily have fullgrown male dubias (the winged ones) or XXL.
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    Resuced male bearded dragon help

    You need to separate them immediately. If the male is bigger than she is, which is most likely, he'll try to mate with her no matter what size she is. It doesn't matter whether you have a 4x4x4 or a 100x100x100, you need to keep beardies separate if you don't want them mating or fighting...
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    good or no?

    This stuff isn't the best, live food is much rather preferred. Unless you're stuck in some kind of famine and no online stores have bugs, there's no need to buy/feed this to your beardie
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    Dual Shedding

    Yeah, he's probably growing alot haha.
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    Dubia Subscription?

    I don't think they have that option. Although, does and they have some good prices along with extreme overcount, it's great.
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    Butterworms arekind of a 'healthierish' waxie. You can buy them online at or (I think).
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    The diet of a 1 year old bearded dragon

    Starting at around a year, you want mostly veggies in her diet. Don't feed her 2-3 bug feedings a day, that's too much. If she's starting to get fat, feed her bugs every third day, and provide salad everyday.
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    Petco Bearded Dragons

    Get a beardie from a good breeder, although you might have to pay a little more for 'high end' babies, but it's worth it
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    Baths are usually needed if a bearide is impacted, dirty/smelly, genuinely enjoys them, or if you have a beardie like mine, 'is potty trained'. Other than that, there's really no use for them, I don' think they get hydrated from water going through their vent or skin. You could mist them or drop...
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    New Male

    This is gonna sound funny, but Sprite. He has the grey on him and since he's yellow, it kinda looks like a moldy lemon, and funfact, if you look up Sprite's logo and then a moldy lemon, it's the same thing :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Feeding crickets

    30 min is waaaay too much. 10 min should be sufficient, but if not maximum should be 15. Feed her three times a day if she's a juvenile beardie, and then you can feed her twice at subadult age.
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    Baby does not eat all HELP

    Remove the sand, especially for a young bearded dragon it can cause impaction and eventually lead to death. If you feed him on the flor of his tank, it's most likely he's ingested some sand. Is it calci sand? Because if it is, you must take him to the vet asap and get xrays to make sure he...
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    Canned Or Dried Insects?

    Since it's an adult, he probably won't grow anymore. Conisdering that, he doesn't need much live food during the week anymore. When you do feed live though, it's better for the bugs to be alive rather canned or dehydrated. A lot of nutrients are lost during the process.
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    Growth Rate

    I weigh and measure Lewis every Saturday since May. He gains 20-30 grams each week (fatty lol) and about .5-1 inch a week as well :). His diet contains of greens and dubias along with occasional waxworms.
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    When should my beardie poop?

    How old is she? 19 inches seems like a length of a big subadult to a normal sized adult dragon. They tend to poop less as they get older, so no worries :).
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    Length to weight

    Hey y'all, yesterday I measured and weighed Lewis, as usual. He's now 16 and 3/8 of an inch, and weighs 270 grams! Is this a normal weight to his length, vice versa? His tail seems to be almost double the length of his body, is that normal? Sorry if this sounds stupid lol, I just want to make sure.
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    Licking things?

    It's completely fine, they 'smell' with their tongue. He's just exploring.
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