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  1. wilddanny88

    Does your beardie liked to be pet? If so, where?

    Guy doesn't care if you touch his tail. Oddball... :roll:
  2. wilddanny88

    Does your beardie liked to be pet? If so, where?

    Guy likes to be petted on the back only. Not to easy on the fingers though!
  3. wilddanny88

    Taking Dragons to College

    I've wondered this as well. But I'm not going to worry about it until I'm 17/18, or whenever I go to college. But I think my mom and dad have already said they would take care of Guy. It really all comes down to the college's rules. I'm going to go to Southern Miss. :) I wouldn't risk hiding him...
  4. wilddanny88

    What's wrong with frosted bulbs?

    I just read they are "soft white" is this the same thing as frosted bulbs?
  5. wilddanny88

    What's wrong with frosted bulbs?

    I use a frosted 60 watt bulb in conjunction with Guy's basking bulb for more light. Now I'm reading not to use frosted bulbs. :study: What's the matter with them? :dontknow:
  6. wilddanny88

    Can he go to bigger tank yet?

    Oops I didn't see that you already had a 40 gal breeder! :oops: I wouldn't recommend putting sand in the dig box. Most people use alfalfa pellets because if you're beardie accidentally ingests one, there is no chance on impaction. I've also heard that they hate the taste of em' anyway. :) But...
  7. wilddanny88

    Can he go to bigger tank yet?

    I would. A 20 gal long is the what most people put their babies in.
  8. wilddanny88

    Got 300 DEAD Reptiworms!

    Sounds interesting.
  9. wilddanny88

    How do you "dust" your feeders?

    I also drop them in a ziploc bag and shake it up. Seems to be the cheapest solution to me. :blob8:
  10. wilddanny88

    cats and dragons

    It all comes down to the attitudes of both the cat and dragon but mainly the cat. lol Read this. viewtopic.php?f=49&t=173123&p=1396059&hilit=found+cat+in+guy%27s+tank#p1396059
  11. wilddanny88


    That sounds like a great PetSmart! Our local PetSmart down the road is OKAY when it come to beardies. Don't even get me started on the way they care for every other reptile... :roll: And SourDiesel, that's pretty odd. My PetSmart doesn't care if you buy goldfish to feed them to your Oscar or any...
  12. wilddanny88

    Conan the Bearded

    If I were you, I would take out that sand. It may cause impaction if he ingests some, its bad on their lungs, and it could get in his eyes. As an alternative I would recommend slate tile and reptile carpet. :)
  13. wilddanny88

    Not the way to bask....

    Oh wow! My only advice would be to move that plant down so she can't climb up there and accidentally burn herself on the UVB.
  14. wilddanny88

    Some help with uv lighting please!

    Your welcome! :)
  15. wilddanny88

    Some help with uv lighting please!

    That is not a CFL. Its an MVB, a bulb that gives out both heat and UV. :) The solar glo is not a very good brand of MVB though. It doesn't give out enough UV. The best MVBs on the market today are the Powersun and T-rex, but even those have had a few problems down the road. Read this...
  16. wilddanny88

    advice on 2 female bearded dragons.

    Cohabitation, with any two genders, is a very bad idea. Bearded dragons are solitary animals in the wild and you never know when they might fight. If you are considering getting another dragon, please consider using a seperate viv. Read this as well. A very good article...
  17. wilddanny88

    My crossfire viv - high quality!

    I stand corrected. :oops:
  18. wilddanny88


    Just got done testing and Guy's poop was COMPLETELY CLEAN(except for a few coccidia which is to be expected). :blob5: Clean poop dance! :blob8:
  19. wilddanny88

    Beardie cameo in Capital One Commercial

    I saw it too.
  20. wilddanny88

    Got 300 DEAD Reptiworms!

    What's the temp where you live? Could be the heat wave.
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