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  1. ashleyelsha

    online source to buy rack

    I need some referrals reliable online sources for buying a rack system for my snake. Ideally it would come prewired and include thermostat/rehostat and everything ready to go. Displaying our snakes in aquariums was fine when we had 1 or 2, it was even ok when we had 4, but our collection has...
  2. ashleyelsha

    Switches cages soon.

    viewtopic.php?f=34&t=195751 Here is a build thread with a similar setup you may find helpful. viewtopic.php?f=34&t=195751 I have the same lighting fixture from walmart only I used 3m velco to hang it, not tue heavy duty stuff. But its working great.
  3. ashleyelsha

    Switches cages soon.

    sorry it took so long to respond, here are some photos. This cage is pretty bare I know, but it is a work in progress. It is 40 gallon breeder size but I really want to get him something bigger without spending a fortune.
  4. ashleyelsha

    Does anyone use pellets or freeze-dried insects?

    Thanks! I got the leash from the last repticon we went to for $5. Totally worth it as I had tried to make my own before and they were always difficult to use. this one is really easy to get him into and it seems really comfy for him too and I know he is safe while we get some sunshine. :)
  5. ashleyelsha

    Switches cages soon.

    I think it is better to mount them inside the cage. I used those stick on mounting things that are made by 3M, I was worried at first that it would fall off but it is working like a charm. And I bought a really cheap fixture from walmart in the hardware section. I did put some tinfoil over the...
  6. ashleyelsha

    Beardie not pooping in cage?!?

    I agree, count your blessings! I hate coming home to a poop smeared viv, because my Toothless just loves pooping and then walking back and forth through it. Thank goodness he usually only poops once a week now that he is older, but when he does this i have to soak him in the tub while tearing...
  7. ashleyelsha

    Feeding too much?

    How old is Medusa and how long is she? Im not sure about the frozen dubias. I freeze crickets alive all the time and thaw and feed them but I guess it would depend on how long the dubias had been dead and if they had started decomposing yet.
  8. ashleyelsha

    Does anyone use pellets or freeze-dried insects?

    and might I add, I think he is a pretty healthy little dragon :)
  9. ashleyelsha

    Does anyone use pellets or freeze-dried insects?

    I can't get dubias because I live in Florida. I bought some frozen roaches at repticon a few times and my beardie loved them, but they seemed to give him diarrhea. I don't remember what kind of roaches they were but I think their exoskeletons must've been a bit much for his digestive tract...
  10. ashleyelsha

    1000 Phoenix Worms Decomposed

    I always had my phoenix and reptiworms held at the post office, and I called the post office prior and let them know I was expecting something that needed to be kept out of the heat. That being said, one of my orders of phoenix worms that I picked up from the post office was all rotten just as...
  11. ashleyelsha

    Does anyone use pellets or freeze-dried insects?

    I freeze my own crickets all the time. When mine was a baby and eating 50 crickets a day I would buy the crickets in bulk and gut load them for 24 hours and then freeze them. they seemed to do well in the freezer for about a month before they started to break down. I thaw out the amount I want...
  12. ashleyelsha

    If you've been to a Repticon click here!

    It depends on what vendors are there, and you can also bargain with them. I just bought a 40 gallon breeder sized reptile cage (the kind with a screen top and doors on front). The retail price is around $150 and the guy wanted to sell it for $80 because one of the doors was broken (easily...
  13. ashleyelsha

    feeding schedule for 8 month old 18inch beardie

    so once a day feeding IS sufficient at this age? When should I start cutting back on the amount of crickets each day? 12 months?
  14. ashleyelsha

    feeding schedule for 8 month old 18inch beardie

    So my male bearded dragon is now a little over 8 months and 18 1/2 inches (measured today) from tip of nose to tip of tail. I need recommendations on his feeding schedule as I think it is time to start cutting back and he seems to be eating less protein. So I am buying the largest size...
  15. ashleyelsha

    found dandelion greens! toothless doesn't like them

    wish I could do, but the greens in my area are sold by the BUNCH, not by weight. So it is the same amount for the entire bunch. And some stores will have say, bunches of collards, but only bags of kale, mustard, and turnip greens. So My only choice is to buy the whole bag or the whole bunch.
  16. ashleyelsha

    found dandelion greens! toothless doesn't like them

    Thanks, I've known about the reference on the beautiful dragons site since before I even bought my bearded dragon. Yes he also gets various squashes and veggies mixed with his greens. I actually noticed him eating some dandilion greens today although he was trying very hard to pick out all the...
  17. ashleyelsha

    found dandelion greens! toothless doesn't like them

    So I finally found some dandelion greens at this grocery store called "fresh market". But toothless isn't interested in them, like at all. His favorites are mustard greens, he will chow down on those, and he loves spring mix but that does make his stool have a high water content. The problem is...
  18. ashleyelsha

    I got Razual back -- hello again from 2008!

    Yes he absolutely needs vitamin supplements. At his age I'm not sure how much or how often but you are going to need some calcium with D3 and a multivitamin. Kale and spinach are not good to feed Mustard, collard, turnip, and dandelion greens are all good staples, as are most squash...
  19. ashleyelsha


    If they are only a "few months old".... how have they been living together for five or six months?
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