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  1. LindsayO

    Strange Urate

    I’m going to try that! Thank you, Tracie!
  2. LindsayO

    Mealworms or super-worms?

    Meal worms are mostly exoskeleton so Superworms are much better for them.
  3. LindsayO

    Is this normal? Going to be an underbite or will she grow and even out?

    I personally think she looks great! I would only worry if she stops eating.
  4. LindsayO

    Getting worried

    I would take her and a fecal sample to the vet. Babies that age normally don’t have any issues eating. You might also want to check the guides on here to make sure you have the proper heat settings, lighting, etc. They have to bask in order to digest food and eat so that *might* be the problem...
  5. LindsayO

    Strange Urate

    He’s had a couple of those already and they’re dry and were not secreted with any bm’s or urate. Thanks for responding though!!
  6. LindsayO

    Strange Urate

    Yes I’ve been giving him pumpkin baby food through a syringe. He won’t drink water out of a bowl or syringe so I’ve been giving him 5-10 min soaks in the tub each day. He normally eats a baby bok choy salad each day (I also chop up the stem for him to eat for hydration), 5-10 superworms/day, 1-2...
  7. LindsayO

    Spots on chin

    He’s super cute!
  8. LindsayO

    I had the same problem and ended up getting a CHE bulb & fixture to put next to the basking bulb...

    I had the same problem and ended up getting a CHE bulb & fixture to put next to the basking bulb fixture. You can better manage the temp this way. I attached the one I have. Hope you can get things worked out! ☺️
  9. LindsayO

    Strange Urate

    My male, 15 mo, beardie had a really hard urate tonight with this odd “tail” (worm-like appearance) coming out of it. When I used tongs to test the consistency of the wormy looking tail coming out of the hard urate it was squishy but somewhat firm. It didn’t break apart until I picked it up with...
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