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    He woun't eat again.

    Alucard won't eat again. It's been three days and he still won't eat anything. He only drinks water and basks. He's poop once in the 3 days and it looked fine. I tried crickets, meal worms, bok choy, and collard greens. My nearest "exotic animal" vet is almost 2 hours away and I really don't...
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    Ever feel like your beardie can understand you? Alucard and I held up a conversation just now it was cute funny and a bit odd from a a different point of view.
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    Weekend with Daddy!

    I had to go to my father's house this weekend and I couldn't fine a "babysitter" (my father had a heart attack when he heard that one :lol: ) Lucky, my boyfriend, Alucard's daddy, said I could bring all of Alucard's stuff over to his house. When it was all set up Matt (daddy) looked really...
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    no exotics if you're under 5... your thoughts?

    I have 5 siblings, also in the house are 5 hermit crabs, 1 indoor and outdoor cat and 1 baby beardie. They know to wash their hands (mom doesn't care less but I do!) The can't touch the hermit or my beardie until they scrub their hands, even more so when they get home from school. God a bunch...
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    Thank you

    Not only when I first got Alucard and was freaking out (or any other time I freak out) but for unknowingly getting me an A on my report. I did mine on bearded dragons and I need a reliable source. I did name this site specifically a few (cough dozen cough) times in my report and all your...
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    Aww I'm sorry he's not feeling well Basking baby. Hope he gets better. Epic, that's a great idea! Alucard sometimes feels the need to snuggle into my sweatshirt pocket so it wouldn't be that different.
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    I found Alucard seems more at home with me since I started kangarooing, which is placing him on my chest and letting him lay there for a while. Do any of you do this? Just wondering.
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    You know you're living with beardies when...

    You know you're living with a beardie... when that one drawer you have for greens in the fridge turns into a separate fridge. when you carry pictures of your beardie in you wallet before the pictures of friends or family.
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    Beardie Blanket

    Alucard sleeps in a wash cloth when we take naps together, he seems to like it a lot. I think a blanket would be a nice idea. When he gets bigger we pass down my blanket to him. [url=][url]
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    Greetings from my Beardie slave and me, Alucard

    Well, my slave, Lunabella, has been on this site before but I decided that since I was feeling better it was time to introduce myself. My name is Alucard James VanDenHeuvel-Fornetti, yes I do know my name is long. I was bought on the 17 of September and I'm about 2 months old. I have a fear of...
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    Berdies Name! Whats your beardie name?

    You could of also names him after Giles Cory from The Crucible.
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    Berdies Name! Whats your beardie name?

    Mine is named Alucard (Dracula backwards if you didn't catch that). I named him after a manga (Japanese comic book) character. The manga was called Hellsing.
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